Vitamin K2: Are you getting enough to keep your arteries clean?

egg yolks
© Limarie Cabrera. Pastured eggs are a good source of vitamin K2 with 10-20 µg per yolk. The deeper the orange color, the more vitamin K2 it has. Eggs are also a great source of vitamins B12, A, D, E, choline and selenium.

Deficiency is the norm

When researchers look at people’s vitamin K2 status, they find that almost everyone is deficient. This is very bad news because vitamin K2 is needed to get calcium in the right place in your body — in bones and teeth and out of arteries and heart valves. Continue reading “Vitamin K2: Are you getting enough to keep your arteries clean?”

How to get your calcium and magnesium balance right

© Kristina. Avocado: 29 mg magnesium per 100 g
© Kristina. Avocado: 29 mg magnesium per 100 g. Avocados are also a super source of vitamin E and folate.

Your calcium to magnesium ratio is a very big deal indeed, and over the long term, will affect your health in dramatic ways — for your heart, your bones, your energy, and your mind.

Nearly everyone is magnesium deficient

Magnesium is critical, and yet nearly everyone is deficient. It’s hard to get optimal amounts in your diet unless you carefully plan it. And our food has less than it should because of intensive farming and the use of herbicides like glyphosate that bind to magnesium and other minerals in soil.  Continue reading “How to get your calcium and magnesium balance right”

The relationship between thoughts and emotions

© Alex Proimos. Joy and love are our most natural emotions

Emotions are reflections of thoughts. They can tell you if what you are thinking or believing is true for you or not. The true self is love, and so when we think thoughts that do not resonate with the true self, then we feel the discord as bad feelings.

If the mind is quiet, still, then you are in alignment with the true self, and once you return to a let-go state — relaxed, alert, natural — you will think, perceive and feel in the natural way. If the mind is very stormy then emotions that have some powerful momentum could be reflecting a different thought than the one you’re thinking, the body reacts to anxiety chemically, and that has momentum too… fight or flight.

The trick is to learn how to keep the mind quiet, be aware, that is critical, let everything settle, and look after the other lifestyle elements too. Keep coming back to no-mind, over and over and over, learn to perceive without mentally commenting.

Continue reading “The relationship between thoughts and emotions”

The big picture of unwanted thoughts

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© Gino Andenmatten

By understanding all the factors affecting your thoughts, you can get really clear about how to get rid of your unwanted ones…


Thoughts come back depending on the meaning you previously gave, depending on your attitude to the original event. What meaning did you give? How did you react?

To get rid, you must change the meaning and attitude to “don’t care.”

If your attitude and meaning is fear, you cause your mind to react in primitive ways that are meant to protect you from danger. Anxiety, the fight or flight state is a state to save your life in extreme danger, it’s not a state that’s good for logical thinking… Continue reading “The big picture of unwanted thoughts”

How to get rid of unwanted thoughts

© Kees de Vos

A friend of mine is plagued with unwanted thoughts.

He’s been diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and I can tell how bad he is at any given moment by the number of times he calls me — he says I say the same stuff as his psychologist but I’m a lot cheaper! :-)

I mean… this is a guy who is bordering on reckless in many areas of his life but is brought to his knees with fear from thoughts that are totally irrational…

If I told you what they were you’d think it was silly but these silly thoughts dominate his life completely.

I don’t believe in the OCD label, at least not in his case. What I see is an extreme example of the issues we all face — the inability to drive our own mental car, the inability to choose the focus of our attention, the inability to see thought for what it really is… Continue reading “How to get rid of unwanted thoughts”

My mind is out of control

Nameless asks…

“I’m plagued by unwanted thoughts every day all the time… My brain constantly sees stories and things that never happened but they’re very vivid… like having a movie in the background with the volume way up… I’m constantly in fear of getting hurt and fear of pain. Now I’ll admit this could have to do with some events in my life but long story short I am constantly on a hair trigger to snap because I’m afraid of getting hurt… but this always ends up firing off at the wrong people… Help me.”

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Weed your garden

Basic info — you’ve got a weedy garden. Actually it’s well overgrown, more like a jungle :-) The analogy of mind to garden is very accurate. Thoughts are like seeds and you unwittingly plant and nurture weeds, before long you’ve got a jungle. This is the basic problem, good to know… Continue reading “My mind is out of control”

I’m scared of zombies and I can’t sleep

Katherine asks…

“It’s almost 12:30am and I can’t fall asleep. It’s a school night and I usually can’t sleep on school night for some reason, and on weekends I can fall asleep.

I’ve tried your advice, many other different websites on how to get rid of scary thoughts and how to fall asleep fast. None have really worked. I am scared of zombies, etc. and I know they are not real, but they still freak me out a lot.

I usually just close my eyes at night hoping to fall asleep, but I keep thinking there is some kind of demon looking at me. Please help! I’ve slept in my parents bed, but it’s even harder to sleep in there (and they don’t want me to sleep in there, they think I’m annoying lol). HELP!”

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No such thing as zombies

You have to know with absolute clarity that you’re in no danger. When you think about zombies and get scared, then you are really seeing them as a threat to you and you will go in a “fight or flight” state, which is to save your life when there’s real danger. You MUST see these thoughts as silly/funny and that will help a lot in getting rid of them… Continue reading “I’m scared of zombies and I can’t sleep”

How to get rid of dark thoughts

Nicole asks…

“Wow, I’m so glad I found this website because I’m literally going crazy. Okay, so I’m 18 and my issue all started out with anxiety due to some things, where I started thinking about all these ways I could die, etc…

When that phase passed I was just sitting in my room studying when my sister was listening to some song where it mentioned the devil. I started to think about all those movies I’ve watched, from all the exorcism movies to the paranormal movies and so on. I’ve watched them all because I loved watching horror movies! God knows why. So I started thinking these intense thoughts how that could happen to me, how all those movies were based on a true story, etc.

I get scared even more when I start thinking that me constantly THINKING about it, makes me IMAGINE something, or in some way call out “the bad energies” or whatever…

I’ve seen in a comment on your “scary movie” post where someone as getting up at 3am. I’ve also heard that that’s when the gates of hell open or something, so when I get up during the night the first thing I do is look at the clock, when it’s 3 am I freak out.

I’ve had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, you name it just because of this. I’ve been to counseling and other professional people, but yet no one actually gave me good advice except for breathing techniques that DID help, but the thoughts are still there. I try not to think about it… but if you tell yourself for ex: ‘don’t think about the pig’, you think about the pig, right? :P Please help me :(“

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Okay… so… ATTENTION is the volume control for thoughts. That’s the root cause. You’ve been giving attention and meaning to dark thoughts so it’s no surprise that it’s those thoughts that are rattling around your head, and surface on a regular basis… Continue reading “How to get rid of dark thoughts”

How to stop worrying about your family

Ruchir asks…

“My mother always has tension in her mind. Things which have happened in the past, or are happening, disturb her. She thinks too much about every household topic and worries about every minute topic related to family. She’s not able to to sleep at night. Does she have a serious problem or is it normal?”

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I don’t believe she has a serious problem.

I think she just has deeply ingrained thought habits that cause her to worry about members of her family, at the expense of her own peace of mind…

A good first step is to ponder that everyone is responsible for their own lives, which will lead to a new acceptance and a new way of seeing things — at least intellectually.

Then, she can make a clear and calm decision (pact) that will become a reference for changing her behavior. In this case, a “worry hour” is a fantastic way to go. This way, she can still allow herself to worry about her family, but not habitually…

At first, her mind will keep trying to make her go back to the old way — thinking and worrying about family. Such is the power of habit. She must pay these thoughts no mind… ignore them… just see them as the old conditioning (which is what they are). They will then become less and less frequent. Continue reading “How to stop worrying about your family”

How to overcome fear of fainting

This article is about overcoming an irrational fear of fainting. If you regularly feel light-headed, dizzy, or faint unexpectedly, please seek medical advice.

Dana wrote…

“Hello, about 2 years ago I pierced my finger with a staple while opening a package and fainted at home. Ever since then I have had a chronic fear of fainting again.

It’s whenever I go out in public the consistent thoughts of ‘I hope I don’t pass out’ just play through my head like a tape recorder and eventually I just panic and have to go sit down to calm down, and get a grip on reality that it’s not real and that I physically have no reason whatsoever that I would pass out.

I truly believe that I won’t pass out and the thoughts are irrational and also its not really ME thinking this stuff but my mind running wild and its almost like a habit to think this way. I try to live in the present moment but I just feel sometimes that its so hard to break from these irrational thoughts and control my mind.

What would you suggest I do to finally take control of this thought and eliminate it for good? Thank you so much!!!”

© Geeta Nambiar

This is a great case of our minds being dysfunctional — not serving our best interests. I can relate to your problem, I remember I was very “mental” back in school…

I used to run through difficult/embarrassing scenarios in my mind, and of course that attention made the problem worse…

Naturally, I assumed I needed to THINK about the problem in order to get rid of it and solve it (BIG mistake!) For example, I remember going through a spell where I kept thinking “I hope I don’t blush. It’ll be terrible if I blush, everyone will look at me and that will be really embarrassing”…

And then of course I would imagine how embarrassed and awkward I would feel if I blushed, and guess what… I would blush… How’s that for a self-fulfilling prophecy? :-) And of course, but for the thought, and then the attention to the thought, it would never have happened. Continue reading “How to overcome fear of fainting”