I keep needing to go to the bathroom

Andy asks…

“I am having a urinary incontinence problem, real or fake I don’t know. I spend a lot time in the bathroom.

I’m 21 years old and am stressed, anxious, and have been on medication for OCD for about a year and a half.”

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You’re very young so based on the stress and anxiety you mentioned, I would bet that this is purely a psychological issue, as opposed to anything physical.

The body reacts in strange ways to perceived danger, and the urinary system is affected more than you might think.

When you’re anxious, muscles hold a certain tension in case it needs to “fight or fly (run away)” at a moment’s notice. That alone can put pressure on the bladder and create a feeling that you keep needing to pee.

There’s more I could go into but bottom line — you need to change your state from tense, anxious and “in your head” to relaxed, spacious and feeling good.

We do this by putting 6 simple lifestyle elements in place — the causes of health and happiness.

Best wishes,
James Riddett

3 steps to curing harm OCD

© Rene Asmussen
© Rene Asmussen

Step 1)   Understand what happened

In our natural environment we faced real dangers, such as lions. The instinct to harm here is obvious — part of the “fight or flight” response. You either fight the danger or run away.

In our modern environment, we can still very easily feel stressed and “under attack,” even if it’s not in the literal sense of the word. And so, when this primitive mechanism is triggered, suddenly you have these thoughts, or instincts, to harm someone — even someone you love. Continue reading

Does social media make us happier?

Dee asks…

“Does social media make us happier? I’m wondering if deleting my social media accounts would help with OCD and anxiety.”

© Tom Bream
© Tom Bream

Ask yourself: “Does social media move me towards or away from health and peace of mind?” (the big causes of happiness).

If social media is a distraction, a stress, if time runs away from you and you keep missing your morning smoothies or your lunch salad, then it’s a problem.

If your Facebook time is “in its place,” if you can sign in for say 10 minutes once or twice a day, and you love interacting with your friends, then it’s a nice, positive thing.

Social media is certainly not needed for health and peace of mind, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a problem either.

Generally speaking, it’s better to simplify your life. Removing anything extra or unnecessary is generally a good idea — certainly until you feel on top of things and back in control.

The most important thing is to focus on the book — all of it. It all matters and everything affects everything else. When you put it into practice you will feel good for no reason.

If you’re not sure there’s “room” for social media then just drop if for now. Make health and peace of mind your top priority. Get on top, feel good first, then see what you do.

Oh and there’s no need to actually delete your accounts of course, just stop using them. :-)

Best wishes,