The number one tip for refreshing sleep

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Happy Guide is about the BIG STUFF and there’s not much you can do that will give you a bigger reward for no effort than QUALITY SLEEP.

It’s LITERALLY re-charging your batteries, so if you want full charge, be sure to leave yourself charging for the whole night!

There’s lots of reasons why we struggle to simply GET TO BED ON TIME…

  • Childhood conditioning (it’s grown-up to stay up late). Grr
  • We don’t want the day to end
  • We’re into whatever we’re doing
  • It’s cool to stay up late and you’re a “lightweight” if you go early! Grr
  • Sticky rhythms – once you’re in a bad rhythm, it can be tricky to readjust.

Life is a rhythm

Your body ADORES rhythm. It adores knowing what’s coming and that includes the types of foods it’s going to get and when, when it’s going to exercise and most importantly when it’s going to SLEEP…

Amazing things happen when you’re very consistent with bed time. You’ll see just how much your body adores it — you start to nod off so easily and wake up with that yummy wake-up feeling about a minute before the alarm goes off.

Come on, we KNOW this intuitively don’t we? We get our kids to bed on time every night because…

  1. We don’t want the “fall-out” of bad behavior the next day and…
  2. We want them to be HAPPY and we know that quality sleep is massive!

What makes the difference

So, what’s the difference that’s going to make the difference for you?

  1. Clarity of the cause/effects of consistent good sleep vs not enough/poor sleep. It’s night and day to how you feel AND your health outcomes down the line. Sleep is a big part of the health and happiness equation. Ponder it, make it big and bright in your mind. It matters.
  2. Tagging the idea of sleep with “VERY IMPORTANT.” Sort of related to number one isn’t it? Ideas we have in our minds have “qualities” attached — the results of previous pondering, decisions, insights etc. The qualities (head feelings) tell us how important any idea is, how true it is and so on.

Make it No.1

So, make it ultra important in your mind… like wild horses couldn’t drag you from your bed at bed time. Why? Because as always, what we’re after is GOOD FEELINGS and there’s simply nothing that can generate soooo much good feeling for you for NO EFFORT than deep, quality sleep every single night for all the years to come.

In short, the no.1 tip for refreshing sleep, the BIG STUFF of sleep is…


Combine the No.1 tip with the other key sleep tips in Happy Guide and wow, you’re really going to make the most of this free, cosy and downright awesome way to boost your health and happiness :-)

Just remember my little maxim… “Get to bed on time, keep feelin’ fine” :-) Maybe you can come up with a better one (I’m sure you can!) Make a pact with yourself today to get to bed on time and within only a week or two, you’ll be feeling the benefits :-)

Sleep tight!

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