Faith in the finish line

Have faith in the finish line

Happy Guide will empower you to become happy and healthy if you put your attention to it.

The best way to start is to read Happy Guide over and over until it crystallizes in your mind. It’s been kept as short as possible without leaving anything out. One read won’t do it, knowing is not enough, you have to mentally own it.

The more you read it, the more it will sink in, the more your whole vision will clarify…

I recommend putting “Read Happy Guide” onto your Regular Actions list. Make a little time every weekend or ideally before sleep at night, to read it slowly and study it. Really study the “Break Bad Habits” section until you really understand the process of habit change…

The same method will serve you so well your whole life because you can choose how you respond to arising urges, feelings and thoughts. That is information that will give you incredible power and freedom — the ability to say “yes” or “no.” There’s no greater power than this; it’s the power of choice, of attention.

Trust in the system

I know that where you are may well be a confusing place. You may be feeling low or fed up or you may be disillusioned with confusing or conflicting health information. You may have spent years with bad habits and are at your wits end with “how to change.”

I’ve been through all these battles myself, and now have the clarity of how health and happiness works. So although you may be groggy, tired, confused or disorientated… just trust the system. “Just do it” — best tag-line ever :-)

Faith in the finish line

Once you’ve read Happy Guide and are crystal clear, you will have your finish line all mapped out — just how you are going to get those six lifestyle elements into your life every day. You will have worked out your lifestyle blueprint and the regular actions you need.

You know your “one-offs” to get it all set up. And you know how to make pacts and say “no” to any thought or feeling that doesn’t line up.

Now you may have a journey… I don’t know where you are so this needs faith. Just as you didn’t get into bad habits and feel bad, tired or overweight overnight, it’s going to take a little while to get straight.

Often when we make a change the initial effect is that we can feel worse. Say you’ve decided to cut out grains for example. These changes can make us feel worse in the short term and healing takes time. Or we may have to consistently distract away from urges and that can feel like a battle.

That’s where faith comes in. What we tend to do is self-medicate our bad feelings when the change becomes uncomfortable and because habit is so powerful, we cave. We just don’t like feeling bad.

So… respect your comfort zones, pick changes that you are fairly sure you can win and don’t self-medicate temporary bad feelings that result. We need that little bit of stoicism and “calm resolve” at times when the going gets tough.

Take comfort in the finish line… have faith. When those six lifestyle elements are bedded in and if you trust in the Happy Guide system, I have no doubt that you will be happy.

“Just tell me what to do!”

“The system” avoids every pitfall out there. The people with the best results are usually the ones who have had enough. This puts them firmly ready and they just want to know “what to do.” “JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO,” they say. They happily drop their own ideas that aren’t working and put their faith and trust in what does work.

The end result is not hard. It’s not what you may be thinking — that health is so tough with all the “no pain-no-gain.” It’s so easy to associate the temporary discomfort of change with the idea of health if we’re not careful. If this situation repeats often enough we begin to believe that a healthy lifestyle is hard, painful, but no…

Healthy living is effortless and people living healthy lives are not constantly resisting temptation. This stuff isn’t even on their radar. It’s “change” that’s tricky… so… please trust the system, have faith in the finish line, learn the tools of change and step towards your happy future with faith.

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2 thoughts on “Faith in the finish line

  1. Hi Mark,

    I ran across your blog as I was trying to figure out how, if at all possible, to change these obsessive, negative thoughts that have totally consumed my life for the past two years. Jusf reading it gave me so much hope that I immediately started feeling better. I’ve ordered your book, and I can’t wait to read it.

    You talk a lot about diet and I completely agree with everything you’ve said (from eating habits to anti-biotics… I’m 20 & have never had an anti-biotic in my life,) but I just wanted to give you a couple of points to consider. I grew up in a family that only ate kosher for biblical reasons, but beyond that for health reasons. If you think about it, anything that doesn’t qualify as kosher IS bad for you. Any sea-food without scales or fins is considered to be a “bottom feeder.” They literally clean the ocean from toxins, but don’t release the toxins like humans would. Pigs, for example, don’t sweat, so they have no way to release their toxins. So when you consume a pig, you’re consuming their toxins too. I think that’s something that’s overlooked in society, and is vital to your overall well-being. In my opinion, it could even be one of the causes of cancers. I just thought I’d give back :)



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