Take baby steps

One of the big solutions to effective change is to take small steps.

© Inger Klekacz

It’s SO important because what most folks are doing will almost certainly keep them stuck.

When we identify a change we want to make and take action, most often we simply fall flat on our face because the change was TOO BIG and that causes pain and misery.

What most people do in this scenario is DOUBLE THEIR EFFORTS… they PICK A BIGGER CHANGE!

Seems even funny reading that doesn’t it… illogical. And yet that’s what nearly everyone does…

OR they keep beating the same drum… trying the same thing over and over — and failing over and over. It’s understandable really because the DESIRE is great, they want the change so much and that desire summons all this energy and motivation.

But to change successfully you need to be clever, see the big picture, identify the finish line and take steps… small steps. And now, instead of your self confidence taking a battering every time you fail, your confident starts to sky rocket. You begin to see clearly that you ARE in control.

Two scenarios… failure and plummeting confidence or WINS and building confidence. Most folks are unwittingly repeating the first because that’s the way we are WIRED.

Instinct plus backlash equals failure

Unfortunately the way we’re wired doesn’t work because we aren’t designed to manage big change like this. We are designed to react in the most effective way to the natural world, to natural stimulus, natural events and natural problems.

And our bodies were never designed to become so unfit and have so many pressures put on them that when we attempt a different way, we get hit with a big backlash!

So… unless there is a big CRISIS, effective change means baby steps, management, cleverness, clarity.

You know it makes sense :-)

And I needed to let you know this big one because nearly everyone is tripping up in this way. Failure means a smaller step is needed OR a way around, a new approach. Don’t keep beating the same drum or attempt an even bigger step.

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