Is stress good for you?

© Helga Weber

Like a lot of conventional “wisdom” I think this little nugget is a load of old TWADDLE.

Stress means not coping or “If you don’t step up, something BAD is going to happen.” Neither scenario is good in my opinion.

BUT proactivity, passion, inspiration, enthusiasm, vision… these are the good guys…

PLEASE don’t buy into the “stress is good for you” myth. It’s not. GET RID OF IT! The only thing stress is good for is in identifying areas of your life that need changing. Big stress needs big change, little stress need a little change. The VOLUME of stress tells you how far out-of-whack your life is…

Yes, stress is good for that. Notice when you get stressed and figure out what needed to happen PRIOR to the stress event to prevent it OR if the event can’t be changed… then how do YOU need to change, in order to cope?

In either case… the aim is the removal of stress. It ain’t good for you. No way!!

There’s lots you can do to get rid of stress. Like so many problems, the true solution is lifestyle. A multi-pronged focus on the six critical lifestyle elements will turn stress into passion, enthusiasm and joy for life!

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