Design your weekly diet to optimize results

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© Mark Nye. Designing your weekly diet pays off massively for your long term health and happiness.

I do a lot of number crunching to ensure the Happy Guide diet advice is perfect. But because we are all different, have different health concerns and like different foods, I highly recommend designing your own diet on And you can use the Happy Guide diet structure as a template.  Continue reading “Design your weekly diet to optimize results”

Diet, health and the wisdom of crowds

Recently I blogged about the three pillars of the Happy Guide diet, one being tradition, or what I found yesterday being called “the wisdom of crowds,” in a YouTube video by Fat Heads director Tom Naughton.

It’s a speech he gave at Springfield College in Massachusetts, describing how the dietary wisdom of crowds was replaced by advice from the so-called experts or “the anointed,” which is now being replaced again by the wisdom of crowds, via blogs and social media.

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The three pillars of the Happy Guide diet

© Wally Gobetz

Let’s face it, if you want to know what is the best diet for your health and go looking, what you find is CONFUSION. Every permutation imaginable is out there, and touted as the way to dietary salvation. So how are we to make any sense of it?

We do it by using some pretty big hitters in terms of evidence. What we’re after is WHAT WORKS, so what James and I do, is focus on that. Here’s the three big pillars of the Happy Guide diet… Continue reading “The three pillars of the Happy Guide diet”