One of the biggest mindset ideas you need

Children playing in stream, nature.
© Arwen Abenstern

In my 20 year search for health and happiness I wasted a lot of time researching the fine details of this and that.

I studied all the little biochemical effects, promising remedies, the debates and so on… desperately trying to get a handle on everything and how it all interacts…

It slowly but surely dawned on me… it’s an IMPOSSIBLE task.

Your body is probably the most complex thing that exists. It’s magnificent and wonderful. When you really consider it, it’s just AWESOME. Just have a look at one of those tiny hairs on your arm… really LOOK. Doesn’t it fill you with wonder?

The TRUTH is that even the greatest minds know NOTHING about your wonderful body. Even the greatest minds can only hold a little part of how it works. And humanity as a whole has only uncovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how your body works…

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