Health and longevity secrets of the Okinawans

Happy Okinawan centenarian © Karen Walzer

Wouldn’t it be great if we had some really healthy role models?

People who live the healthiest, happiest lives so that we can look at them with soft focus and say “I want to be like that too?”

Well we can! There are lists of the healthiest nations in the world…

Japan usually tops these lists but actually, above Japan is the little island of Okinawa. It’s only a teeny dot on the world map…

The healthiest people in the world?

Okinawa is a lush subtropical island in the Pacific Ocean, made famous — at least in my mind — as the home of Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid :-)

It has more people over a hundred years old than anywhere else on Earth — as a percentage of the population. Well, no-one wants to live to be a centenarian if the last thirty years of their life is spent in miserable declining health…

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