6 simple lifestyle changes for health and happiness

After thirteen years of life-destroying fatigue, I got my life back.

I did it by learning what our bodies need, and how to make permanent lifestyle changes. But the answers were hard to find.

For years I desperately searched for a simple guide to being happy and healthy. Every one, without exception, was complex, unclear or incomplete.

That’s why I ended up writing it myself. No other “health and happiness” book states WHAT to change and HOW to change, in a clear and precise way that anyone can use.

More and more people are putting Happy Guide to work every day and I get incredible feedback from individuals and families whose lives have been transformed. So whatever brought you here, please start putting the solutions to work for you. Everyone deserves to be happy.

A thousand problems, one solution

Lifestyle is the root cause of health and happiness. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re depressed, self-destructing or tired all the time…

These are symptoms of not living well and so the solution is to live well. Anyone who tries to give you another solution is duping you because a cure can only be found by CORRECTING THE CAUSE.

A lifestyle problem needs a lifestyle solution and nothing else does the job.

Happy Guide will…

…empower you to create extraordinary health and happiness.

“Happy Guide is AMAZING!!! Can’t rate it enough. Thank you so much. I’m happier than ever. I never realised before how habitual I was and how those habits were contributing to my state of health. So using the guide I replaced my bad habits for good ones.

Now I love being active. And eating well seems like second nature. Before I thought I was destined to be sat on the sofa being fat but the guide TOTALLY changed my mindset. I lost 6 stone (roughly 84 pounds to our American friends!) by using the guide.

I can’t rate it highly enough. You are doing such great work. Some people don’t even recognise me now (which I love). Thank you SO much. I know there is at least one man in the world whose life has been TRANSFORMED by your wisdom… i.e. ME!!”— Alan, UK

There’s nothing else like it

Happy Guide is a totally new concept and unique in the world of health. It lays out a crystal clear vision of a happy and healthy life and gives you powerful tools to achieve it.

“Happy Guide is one of the best books I’ve read. I was motivated to act from the very first line. You have a brilliant way of saying things. It’s like someone flipped the switch (you) and now I know that health is the most important thing and I can choose to abuse or support my body.

It is easy to remember the key points and to put them into action. Certainly for me I think that they are brilliant, classic, unique, I just think that they are so simple, so easy to put into place. You have created a masterpiece. You are going to change so many peoples lives with this book.”— Clair Whitty, Ireland

Just tell me what to do!

Most health books try to make you an expert before you can act. And their advice so often doesn’t gel with your real life. Not Happy Guide — it’s “JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT!”

At the end of the day, what matters is results… actually being happy and healthy, not whether you have a PhD in biochemistry and psychology.

So in Happy Guide, you’ll discover the practical no-nonsense ways of living well and being happy that anyone can use. It shows clearly and simply…

  1. HOW to change. The essential tools you need to change. Simple, powerful stuff that works.
  2. WHAT to change. The practical day-to-day actions you need, to leave you in no doubt about what to do.

“Happy Guide may very well have saved my life. I am so happy that it’s out in hard copy and plan on buying several copies to give to family and friends. Everyone should have a chance to be happy and healthy and this book is the key.”
— Debra, USA

How to change

There are only two things you MUST know to be successful in changing your life…

  1. How to get yourself to DO something. How to do all those good things consistently and effortlessly.
  2. How to NOT DO something. How to stop those things that are taking you away from health and happiness or causing you to self-destruct.

You’ll learn powerful techniques for both.

What to change

You’ll discover the SIX lifestyle elements that you must take ACTION on every day in order to be truly happy. In the modern world, if you’re not conscious of these six things, it will eat into your joy and vitality.

“Happy Guide is a masterpiece, not to say revolutionary, I don’t think there is anything like it… Such a low price for so much benefit, but still people spend thousands of dollars on cures. I really was in trouble and I found a real way out. THANK YOU.”— Mino Loi, Italy

Happy Guide will also…

  • Give you the KEY insights for how to have joy for life
  • Take the fear of change and doubt from your mind
  • Show you what you need to do to be happy and healthy
  • Inspire you to take action instantly
  • Show you how to make healthy living effortless and enjoyable!
  • Give you a lifestyle plan that’s easy, simple and fits with YOUR REAL LIFE
  • Show you how to change the way you react to emotions and cravings
  • Show you how to make exercise enjoyable (forget “no-pain-no-gain”)
  • Show you how to get rid of stress by freeing your mind from worry
  • Show you how to get rid of unwanted thoughts and have peace of mind
  • Give you a super healthy and delicious diet that’s simple to follow
    (includes weight loss versions too)
  • Get the job done. It will deliver — health and happiness will be yours

Recommended by doctors, life coaches, dieticians, psychologists, olympians…

“I just finished reading your book Happy Guide. I really thought it was excellent, useful information. I already know that anyone who follows your advice will be successful.”— Dr. Jeff L.Laskin DMD MD, Surgeon

“Fed up with not knowing which way to jump when it comes to nutrition? Check out Happy Guide. It’s comprehensive in a number of ways and is well worth the read and the resulting afterthought that goes with it.”
— Kristen Kosmala. Olympian, coach and personal trainer

“With Happy Guide as a trusty resource, you *can* get in shape, and finally become master of your habits once and for all. Michael truly has some unique insights to share, and I really feel that the guide makes for very interesting reading. Happy Guide truly is a wonderful resource, and I highly recommend it to all.”
— Melanie Thomassian, Dietitian

“It’s smart and savvy information in a very user friendly format. As a psychologist I found your guide beautifully simple and on-target. Thanks for this pearl of wisdom. You are fabulous! Please let me know how I can ever assist you in the future, your work is dead-on.”
— Liz McGinness, Psychologist

“Happy Guide is incredible. One of my students actually used it last year and won the gold medal in squash at the pan-am games. It’s the biggest regional games for the americas and caribbean areas. So big thanks.”
— Maxim P. Weithers, Life coach

“It’s in answering the question of how to live well that Happy Guide fits so perfectly. Mike has developed a brilliant resource that provides a roadmap to building good habits.”
— Kathryn Elliott, Nutritionist

“You’re very clear and readable on some deep psychological issues on habit formation. And you make the processes that go on in the brain easily understandable. One concept made me think about completely new ways I can quit my bad habits. You’ve got a no-nonsense way of keeping it simple and just getting it done. But not only that, you show us how to make the good stuff fun and easy! And that’s what we all need, isn’t it?”
— Sten Andersen, Life coach

“Making even simple lifestyle changes can be hard, but help is available. Michael Kinnaird struggled with his own serious health issues for thirteen years. Out of his experience, he has written Happy Guide. I have read his book and his advice is excellent. Highly recommended.”
— Dr. Ed Dodge MD MPH, Physician

The best time to start getting happy

NOW, TODAY, INSTANTLY. Every day, we add or take away from our health and happiness by the actions we do or fail to do.

So the best time to correct your lifestyle is right now, because your future happiness depends on what you do today. And you can be up and running right away.

“I’ve read numerous books over the past few years as I’ve tried to get my life back to the way it once was. While a number of them had some very good parts, ALL of them were lacking in some other aspect.

THANK YOU for putting it all together in such a clear and precise way! It’s a testament to you and Happy Guide that even professional health care givers like doctors find it so useful.

DEFINITELY the best thing I have ever read, and gotten the most out of. Thanks again… it’s helped more than you will know.”
— Drew Basek, Canada

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“I can tell you from my own experience that you KNOW what you’re talking about. It takes many, many, many years to come to these conclusions. I plan to buy many copies of Happy Guide, to share with my family and friends. Truly remarkable.”
— Lara, USA

Please don’t waste your precious life trying to piece together the “health and happiness” puzzle, as I had to. The answers are incredibly hard to find, for all kinds of reasons.

I spent a long time making Happy Guide short and powerful because that’s what works. It only takes about an hour to read and it’s just what you need to know, and do.

Take the shortcut. Follow the book, feel good, be happy. It’s the book I wish someone had handed me, many years ago…

Best wishes,

Michael Kinnaird

“Dear Michael, thank you for being such a wonderful person full of love! I feel how much you hope all readers can live a happy and healthy life, how much you care. I wanted to let you know that you have touched my heart and my life is not the same after I read your book.”— Cissy Ofs, USA

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