The three pillars of the Happy Guide diet

© Wally Gobetz

Let’s face it, if you want to know what is the best diet for your health and go looking, what you find is CONFUSION. Every permutation imaginable is out there, and touted as the way to dietary salvation. So how are we to make any sense of it?

We do it by using some pretty big hitters in terms of evidence. What we’re after is WHAT WORKS, so what James and I do, is focus on that. Here’s the three big pillars of the Happy Guide diet…

  • EVOLUTION. Nature. In nature, biology seeks an exquisite balance with the environment. Our modern lives have only existed in the blink of an evolutionary eye. Before that our ancestors lived in nature, and so by looking at what they ate, as well as humans living in nature today, we can get very close to the truth about what is a natural diet for the human species.
  • TRADITION. Evolution selects for beneficial behavior, so if someone long ago had a certain behavior that was beneficial, like say putting oil on salads, and it had an advantage, then that person would be in better shape to live life, have healthy children and so on. Also, us humans are keen observers of what works, if we notice someone is always happy and energetic and never gets sick, we will be curious to know what they do and do the same. Over millennia, these principles build healthy practices into culture.
  • SCIENCE. It’s notoriously difficult to separate cause and effect with science because there are so many variables. BUT once you have a framework of evolution and tradition, science is incredibly helpful in determining the mechanisms behind healthy practices, and thus optimizing them. A good example of this is the emerging information about the omega-3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. We can use evolution and tradition to give us a framework, and then use science to try to accurately nail down optimum.

So these three are our guiding lights, and we then try to make it simple, doable and easy to fit into everyday life, using HABIT as the powerful and natural way to make sure that the benefits are there every day and accumulate in the long-term, to create health, happiness and freedom from disease.

The diet is then added to the other 5 lifestyle elements to create the most powerful set of causes possible, that in turn, create the best possible outcomes for you.

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