Six habits for health and happiness

Focus on health and happiness
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We’re all in a different place right? All have different issues, problems, life experiences. And most importantly… different ideas about who we are and what we want and need.

And yet we are all human… two arms, two legs and so on. Our needs are the same really. The problem is that 99% of us humans are not coming anywhere close to meeting our needs…

That’s because genetically, we are exquisitely adapted to the natural world where our needs would be automatically met.

Here in the modern world we have to consciously meet our needs. And the best way to do that is to recreate a natural environment as best we can…

Because it takes conscious effort, most folks are simply not doing it. It’s nobody’s fault… who knew? Nobody teaches us this stuff. So, what exactly do we need to be conscious of? Well… these six…

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Drugs (get rid of)
  4. Sleep
  5. Organization
  6. Live in the moment

Health and peace of mind are the two causes of happiness. The first four elements create health, the last two elements create peace of mind.

Attention to these factors every day will build your health and happiness. And by making them good habits, you’ll also make them effortless and very soon you’ll be getting the amazing rewards of caring for your body, mind and soul.

By our daily habits we build or destroy our health.

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2 thoughts on “Six habits for health and happiness

  1. Healthy mind in a healthy body, that’s the point. We really need to keep our mind with good thoughts, good ideas every day and all day, because the world recommend us to be so, and above, to believe that up us, we have a friend force which is with us, drive us, but asks us to keep on a right way all time, is with us and wants our fine, then why not to try on?


  2. I think “Happy Guide” is the best website which is very simple to understand, powerful, and only facts containing to gain health and happiness for the persons who have lost it or losing it on condition that the tips or elements or guidelines followed practically on a regular basis by making them a habit.


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