The relationship between thoughts and emotions

© Alex Proimos. Joy and love are our most natural emotions

Emotions are reflections of thoughts. They can tell you if what you are thinking or believing is true for you or not. The true self is love, and so when we think thoughts that do not resonate with the true self, then we feel the discord as bad feelings.

If the mind is quiet, still, then you are in alignment with the true self, and once you return to a let-go state — relaxed, alert, natural — you will think, perceive and feel in the natural way. If the mind is very stormy then emotions that have some powerful momentum could be reflecting a different thought than the one you’re thinking, the body reacts to anxiety chemically, and that has momentum too… fight or flight.

The trick is to learn how to keep the mind quiet, be aware, that is critical, let everything settle, and look after the other lifestyle elements too. Keep coming back to no-mind, over and over and over, learn to perceive without mentally commenting.

Once you’ve done this, and it needn’t take long if you are keen and committed, then you can more easily see if how you are focused is in alignment with your true self by noticing your feelings — awareness again, when our attention isn’t split, we are here, now, whole, then we can notice feelings more intensely.

Joy and love are actually the most natural emotions… think of children. So we need to learn how to be natural again, have a healthy body, and be in a let-go state to allow our true natural self to function properly.

So, our feelings are the result of our physical state, as well as the thoughts we think. You could have a clear mind and still feel depressed if the body is not well. Happiness is the result of health and peace of mind, both. The Happy Guide system has 4 elements to optimize health, and 2 elements that create peace of mind.

In your life, try to make everything stable, let the outer life settle so there is no stress, so that you are free to focus on health and happiness.

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