HABIT POWER laid bare

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I’m always banging on about the power of habit. Habits are at the root of all outcomes… good or bad because habit is the power that repeats behavior.

But habits can be so subtle and automatic, even unconscious that it’s difficult to see clearly JUST how powerful they are.

So try this…

Get the clock or watch that you look at twenty times a day and stick it in a drawer for 3 weeks. If you want to know the time, you can go look in the drawer :-) You’ll be amazed what happens and the power of habit will be laid bare.

I did this a while back because we were moving some stuff around and the clock had to be moved into another room. This is the clock I always look at when I need to know the time.

Even I was shocked.

I found myself looking at the blank wall where the clock had been BEFORE I EVEN KNEW I WANTED TO KNOW THE TIME!

And I didn’t learn of course. Hundreds of times I looked up at the blank wall in amazement. You just can’t shift a habit that quickly.

So subtle, so powerful…

Most of our behavior is conditioned, is habit. A sort of dance we got so good at, we don’t even have to think about it.

Most of the time this conditioning is good, but it also means we can so easily get stuck in damaging patterns that are difficult to break.

Try the clock thing… you’ll be amazed.

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2 thoughts on “HABIT POWER laid bare

  1. Mr.Michael Kinnaird-Hello-Is it the belief part to hold negative or bad habit knowingly or unknowingly.searching every negativity from every concerned.How such energy be changed into positivity or break the belief part into normal pattern.how to deal.Thanking You
    Best Wishes,
    Imtiyaz Khan


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