Anxiety at night

Chaeedy asks…

“I’ve been practicing the meditation 5 days a week (weekends are tough) in the morning, and it seems to be making a difference. Was feeling better, living in the ‘Now’, and to be honest, much fewer thoughts (in fact, very few).

But over the last 2-3 weeks I’m fine during the day, but when I turn off my light at night, I get this overwhelming anxiety/dread/terror feeling. It’s nothing specific, just the feeling. I don’t let my mind dwell/race on some concerning thought (staying in the now) so it’s not that. But it’s brutal! It just doesn’t seem to make sense… Any ideas/suggestions?”

© Remara

I assume your soul is tidy?

i.e. you aren’t viewing your life in any way as unacceptable or stressful, and you see that a thing only matters inasmuch as it moves you towards or away from health and peace of mind…

So, assuming you aren’t fueling the fire with insane thoughts about success, and that your good health habits are in place, then we’re left with old conditioning.

You’ve been giving your mind fight, danger and stress thoughts for a long time, and even when we make a different choice, the old pattern continues for a while.

You need to simply not care that it’s there and see it for what it is… old stuff playing out. Then focus on Happy Guide’s relaxation method when you get into bed and do it every night… Continue reading “Anxiety at night”

The number one tip for refreshing sleep

© Planetchopstick

Happy Guide is about the BIG STUFF and there’s not much you can do that will give you a bigger reward for no effort than QUALITY SLEEP.

It’s LITERALLY re-charging your batteries, so if you want full charge, be sure to leave yourself charging for the whole night!

There’s lots of reasons why we struggle to simply GET TO BED ON TIME…

  • Childhood conditioning (it’s grown-up to stay up late). Grr
  • We don’t want the day to end
  • We’re into whatever we’re doing
  • It’s cool to stay up late and you’re a “lightweight” if you go early! Grr
  • Sticky rhythms – once you’re in a bad rhythm, it can be tricky to readjust.

Life is a rhythm

Your body ADORES rhythm. It adores knowing what’s coming and that includes the types of foods it’s going to get and when, when it’s going to exercise and most importantly when it’s going to SLEEP… Continue reading “The number one tip for refreshing sleep”