OCD — chemical imbalance or bad habit?

Joe wrote…

“I have a question regarding habits. For the past so many years, I have suffered with OCD. I read an article that you wrote about how a friend of yours cured his OCD. I have learned through MUCH research, that OCD is an acquired disorder, and CAN be cured. Many of these doctors claim its genetic, and a ‘chemical imbalance’ and all this crap.

I’ve learned that it IS curable, and OCD is actually… a habit. It’s a coping mechanism for anxiety, and it’s driven by thoughts and fears. My question is, do you think Happy Guide would be able to help break the habit that is OCD?? And even eliminate it??

I ask this because I’ve come to realize that beating OCD comes down to confidence and will power. A change in thinking. However, it is hard to stick with it. I find myself reducing it, but I still have yet to eliminate it completely. What do you guys think about OCD??? Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.”

© Dhammza

It’s possible for anyone to still their mind, and take back control of their thoughts. I was an obsessive thinker when I was a teenager and it caused misery… thankfully I run my own head these days.

I’ve seen Mike help a number of people overcome OCD. It CAN be overcome and folks are always amazed at how simple it is, once they put what Mike tells them into practice…

For example, we recently got this email from John Woods, an OCD sufferer of many years…

“I just wanted to say that since I read this board and purchased the guide that to date I have had no issues at all. What you wrote cured me and I am totally amazed by it. I am so impressed with the results, I feel totally different and peaceful. I would love to know where you got all your information from, as I have seen so many health professionals over my problems, but none has ever come close to the advice that you give. Thanks Mike you have honestly changed my life.”

You will definitely enjoy Happy Guide Joe. Firstly because everything affects everything else, so by getting your whole lifestyle right you will feel a great deal better overall. But you will personally benefit immensely from the “Break Bad Habits” and “Live in the Moment” chapters… Continue reading “OCD — chemical imbalance or bad habit?”

Why do I have crazy, disturbing or evil thoughts during meditation?

© Sangosimo

It’s a common problem. We’ve decided meditation would be good for us and so we give it a go.

Then we realize just how turbulent our minds are.

When you look at your own mind from a “stand back” position, you really see how wild the untamed mind can be and the trouble it causes.

All good… awareness is the first step to change… very true… Continue reading “Why do I have crazy, disturbing or evil thoughts during meditation?”

Why we self-destruct and how to stop

© Glendali

In short, we self-destruct because we want to feel good.

It seems a very strange thing to say but wanting to feel good is behind self destructive behavior. Feeling good is natural to us and when we don’t feel good we will do whatever it takes to feel good again.

The problem is that the quick fix we choose makes us feel even worse after the short-term high. It’s dysfunctional because it doesn’t work. Self destructive behavior only makes things worse but it’s the way we’re wired…

In nature we couldn’t fall into this trap. There are no pizza trees, no ice-cream or chocolate trees.

There are no rivers of vodka :-) Continue reading “Why we self-destruct and how to stop”

How to get rid of fear and scary thoughts after watching a scary movie

Just a movie…

A lot of feedback from our unwanted thoughts post was from young people scared half to death from watching scary movies.

So here’s some specifics for that particular problem. This was the actual list I sent a young girl so scared she slept with a bible.

I’ve kept this post very short to get to the solutions straight away…

Know this:

  1. You’re not alone — most people freak out after watching scary movies, even adults.
  2. YOU ARE SAFE. You aren’t in any more danger now than you were before… it’s just a movie.
  3. You won’t feel scared for long. It will soon pass.
  4. Scary movies are made to scare you, that’s their job.
  5. Part of your mind can’t tell the difference between a movie and real life. It’s THIS part that freaks out, but YOU know… it’s just a movie. Because of this, it’s best to be careful what you feed your mind — what you watch, think and imagine! Continue reading “How to get rid of fear and scary thoughts after watching a scary movie”

9 ways to get rid of unwanted thoughts


This is about the ongoing saga of my friend who struggles with unwanted thoughts and phobias and has been given the (I think unhelpful) label of OCD.

If you’ve not seen the original unwanted thoughts article then it might be worth checking that out first…

What’s happening as he works through his problem is that actually, his progress goes in spirals — sort of 2 steps forward, one step back type of thing.

His last setback was actually caused by just one late night. Just the lack of sleep for one night has made it more difficult to stay on top. Everything affects everything else… Continue reading “9 ways to get rid of unwanted thoughts”

The little known secret to stop TOO many thoughts

© LunaDiRimmel

My friend just called. You know, the one with “OCD”?

Well, he’s much better these days but now his mental problems have shifted somewhat. The anxiety and obsessive nature of his thoughts are much less but now he’s just getting “TOO many thoughts!”

An unpleasant way to be

Really, it’s the same solution as in the popular unwanted thoughts article. There has to be space between thoughts and an awareness of being a curious and passive observer of your own thoughts…

If you think about the opposite case — a constant stream of thinking and a sense that “these thoughts are part of me,” then you really have a very unpleasant state of affairs… Continue reading “The little known secret to stop TOO many thoughts”

Eckhart Tolle vs. The Secret / Abraham-Hicks

Eckhart Tolle

If you’re attracted to both these teachings you may be having trouble seeing how they fit together…

On the one hand Eckhart Tolle teaches that the source of all your troubles is your own ego. You’re lost in thought. You lack awareness or consciousness of your true, essential nature.

This is in line with the majority of spiritual teaching…

On the other hand, Abraham-Hicks and The Secret teach “You can have whatever you want.” “The universe is abundant.” “Place your order by putting yourself in the vibration of already having it, and it will be yours.”

At first it seems as though the two teachings are so different that there’s no reconciling them. One seems altruistic and the other, kind of selfish… Continue reading “Eckhart Tolle vs. The Secret / Abraham-Hicks”

I can’t function anymore

© Svein Halvor Halvorsen

Honestly, I’ve been where you are, I know how you’re feeling. For 13 long years I couldn’t function, I was a zombie, not functioning mentally or physically.

That’s why I’m writing these words now…

I want you to feel better fast. For me, it was a long journey, and from that dark place of not functioning, the answers were hard to find, nothing worked.

The health industry is a muddle of confusion

When I tried to find information to help me turn things around, all I found was confusion, debate, and complexity in the health information industry. There was no clarity, no crystal clear guiding light that I could trust to lead me back to health. In short, it was a nightmare.

It took me a long time to piece it all together, to figure out the critical things that really matter, to discover what will truly work for health.

A guiding light

And that’s why I want you to get the information that will work right away. I had to write the book myself, so that other people, like you, would not have years of time wasted in confusion about what is going to work. It’s called Happy Guide.

Within an hour from now, you can be crystal clear about what works, crystal clear about what to aim for to turn your life around, to feel happy every day. You could spend the rest of the day pondering your first step and be up and running by tomorrow morning.

Crystal clarity

The fastest way for you to get to feeling good is to start today, by getting clear about the things that are truly taking you away from health and happiness, and applying the solutions in solid, clear steps.

Initial steps can be challenging, no doubt, but the worst thing of all is being stuck, not moving and not knowing where to turn for answers, not knowing if information can be trusted, if it will work.

Start your journey today

I have taken the journey you want to take, from not functioning, to having loads of energy and feeling great every day. And your energy, your mood, your vitality, your clarity of mind, is affecting everyone around you, because we all affect each other.

So please, get the information that will work, that will have you on the path instantly. It only takes one hour to read it, and by the end, you will feel really motivated, and happy that now you have a clear path to feeling good again.

As well as that, you are not without support, you can leave messages on any of our articles.

Happy Guide: Inspiration and motivation

After you’ve read Happy Guide, you’ll feel so relieved, because you’ll see how all the answers ring true, how the answers will be self-evident for you, you won’t be in any doubt.

And you will feel motivated! That is a precious thing in itself, you’ll feel inspired to act, knowing that you are moving into a new life where you always feel good and happy, as life should be.

So please don’t let years go by with no progress, turn it around today, by learning in one hour what took me over 20 years to figure out.

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Vitamin B12 analogues and deficiency

Carla asks a very important and interesting question…

“Thanks for the updates… I love the reminder to check in! And you always have something interesting goin’ on… I’ve been meaning to enquire about an issue and wondered if you’d do a write up about it as I’ve not found anything definitive yet.

OK, it’s the B12 issue… we all know that spirulina and other green algae have B12 analogues in them that are NOT readily absorbed. My question is, do they interfere with the absorption of regular ol’ B12?! Some say yes, do not ingest them… others are naysayers and say they have synergistic benefits. It’s really confusing and I would like to know your take on this! Thanks… hope that makes sense :-) Have a great weekend!”

© Sifu Renka

OK, in case you think that second paragraph is written in a foreign language… it’s not :-)

Non-vegans are probably not going to have a clue what this question actually means. So a bit of background information to start…

Those making an ethical choice — vegans and vegetarians naturally want to get all their nutrition needs from food, without needing to take supplements. In part, this is because they want to justify their choices.

If they have to resort to supplements then it suggests something is wrong with the diet. They want their choices to have a sound rational basis, and who can blame them? Continue reading “Vitamin B12 analogues and deficiency”