The little known secret to stop TOO many thoughts

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My friend just called. You know, the one with “OCD”?

Well, he’s much better these days but now his mental problems have shifted somewhat. The anxiety and obsessive nature of his thoughts are much less but now he’s just getting “TOO many thoughts!”

An unpleasant way to be

Really, it’s the same solution as in the popular unwanted thoughts article. There has to be space between thoughts and an awareness of being a curious and passive observer of your own thoughts…

If you think about the opposite case — a constant stream of thinking and a sense that “these thoughts are part of me,” then you really have a very unpleasant state of affairs…

How clever

Someone once said something really really clever;

“Thought makes a great slave but a terrible master”

…or words to that effect.

The solution is still meditation and he still won’t do it! So, still too slow, but steady progress.

What to do about too many thoughts

Anyway, what to do about too many thoughts? Well, here’s what I do if my mind is racing. Really you just don’t allow it, but that comes with meditation practice and being established as “the curious and passive witness.” But when my thoughts are racing I still use “shhhhhhhh.”

When there’s too much external noise around, you naturally say “shhhh.” So, you can also use it when there’s far too much mental noise going on.

You can say it out loud if you’re on your own or say it mentally. This works a treat. If your mind keeps creating noise then just keep shushing! Don’t allow it!

Interesting things about “shhhh”

Interestingly, “shhhh” is the sound of space, the sound you get when you turn your radio to mid-station. It’s a calming sound and I’ve even known people recommend it to help you get to sleep.

And of course, it’s also the sound we naturally make when babies are upset.

So shut your own mental noise up and get shushing!

Try it for yourself and let me know if it worked for you (or if it didn’t) by leaving me a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “The little known secret to stop TOO many thoughts

  1. You’re very welcome Jadri. Now after you’ve shushed for about 10 seconds, have a “listen” to see if your mind has gone quiet. Really listen for the next thought to pop. If you practice this listening all the time, you can keep your mind peaceful.

    Have a great, peaceful day :-)



  2. Dear Mr. Kinnaird, greetings from Slovenia (Europe)!
    I really don’t know how I found your page 5 minutes ago on google, during my caffe break…Probably the title “Eckhart teaching vs. Abraham” …I appriciate both so much…

    I have to tell you, this information you share about “shhhhhh”, is so amazing and simple…I already start to practice, and it is so funny! Because “sharing is caring”, I now share my gratitude to you…

    Have a nice day and thank you!


  3. hey thanks dude im always assulted by to many thoughts there always in chaos :/ it unsettles me some times.

    @ everyone else, i think i may type my thoughts into the computer to constraint them somewhere else


  4. One thing to say… thank you. Lol for once someone gets the mind racing thing, love the shhhhh concept too, it’s just what my brain needs a good ol’ shut the hell up and quit bugging me haha love it :)


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