OCD — chemical imbalance or bad habit?

Joe wrote…

“I have a question regarding habits. For the past so many years, I have suffered with OCD. I read an article that you wrote about how a friend of yours cured his OCD. I have learned through MUCH research, that OCD is an acquired disorder, and CAN be cured. Many of these doctors claim its genetic, and a ‘chemical imbalance’ and all this crap.

I’ve learned that it IS curable, and OCD is actually… a habit. It’s a coping mechanism for anxiety, and it’s driven by thoughts and fears. My question is, do you think Happy Guide would be able to help break the habit that is OCD?? And even eliminate it??

I ask this because I’ve come to realize that beating OCD comes down to confidence and will power. A change in thinking. However, it is hard to stick with it. I find myself reducing it, but I still have yet to eliminate it completely. What do you guys think about OCD??? Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.”

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It’s possible for anyone to still their mind, and take back control of their thoughts. I was an obsessive thinker when I was a teenager and it caused misery… thankfully I run my own head these days.

I’ve seen Mike help a number of people overcome OCD. It CAN be overcome and folks are always amazed at how simple it is, once they put what Mike tells them into practice…

For example, we recently got this email from John Woods, an OCD sufferer of many years…

“I just wanted to say that since I read this board and purchased the guide that to date I have had no issues at all. What you wrote cured me and I am totally amazed by it. I am so impressed with the results, I feel totally different and peaceful. I would love to know where you got all your information from, as I have seen so many health professionals over my problems, but none has ever come close to the advice that you give. Thanks Mike you have honestly changed my life.”

You will definitely enjoy Happy Guide Joe. Firstly because everything affects everything else, so by getting your whole lifestyle right you will feel a great deal better overall. But you will personally benefit immensely from the “Break Bad Habits” and “Live in the Moment” chapters…

Mike has distilled down his “OCD/unwanted thoughts” knowledge and experience into just a few extremely powerful and very practical pages. Put what you learn there into practice and you’ll be amazed at what happens to your OCD.

By the way, you’re right — what’s needed is a change in thinking. Specifically, you need to know how to DROP thoughts.

It’s certainly the case that years of sub-optimal lifesyle causes chemical imbalances. That certainly doesn’t help, as our overall mood and vitality are affected. But in the same way it’s madness to dole out prescription drugs for depression sufferers, it’s equally pointless to do the same for OCD sufferers. And of course there’s often an overlap between these two conditions. In any case, we must get to the ROOT CAUSE.

A chemical imbalance is a SYMPTOM of a dysfunctional biochemistry, a less than optimal state of health brought about by decades of contributing lifestyle factors. So the true solution is a full, multi-pronged “health and happiness” strategy. NOTHING else gets to the root of the problem.

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5 thoughts on “OCD — chemical imbalance or bad habit?

  1. Hi, I am suffering from OCD and unwanted thoughts from last 20 years, no found any solution, I am from India, these problems affected my life totally, please help me !


    1. Hi Krishna, I’m sorry to hear that. There’s a lot written on this subject on the website. Please check out these articles:


      The best thing you can do though is read the book. It only takes about an hour and it will teach you how to achieve a state of health, happiness and peace of mind.

      Best wishes,


  2. So do you believe that someone using this distraction/attention method can fully 100% cure their ocd? Like they can distract and run away and be cured but will they ever be able to be completely cured 100% of their ocd and just be able to function normally and be able to look at a thought and instead of obsessing they will just be able to forget about it like a normal person after using this method? Will this method 100% completely absolutely cure anyone’s ocd after used for a long time?



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