Why do I have crazy, disturbing or evil thoughts during meditation?

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It’s a common problem. We’ve decided meditation would be good for us and so we give it a go.

Then we realize just how turbulent our minds are.

When you look at your own mind from a “stand back” position, you really see how wild the untamed mind can be and the trouble it causes.

All good… awareness is the first step to change… very true…

Anyway, just what do we do with crazy thoughts, even disturbing thoughts, even EVIL thoughts during meditation?


WE FIGHT, yes, at FIRST FIGHT. And the fight is not what most people think. THE FIGHT IS FOR YOUR ATTENTION…

The fight is TO HOLD your attention to your chosen focus. At first, the crazy mind is all over you like a rash. But you must understand that this doesn’t continue. As you fight for control over your attention, the crazy mind settles down and the fighting is over.

Then you MASTER your own mind. There is no fight. You say YES if you want to say yes, you say NO if you want to say no.

No swirling crazy thoughts. No belief that “I AM these thoughts” or “I AM EVIL.” What a load of tosh. AND what hell if you DO believe them…

Thoughts aren’t true, and they’re not YOU either.

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