Automatic health

Jump for JoyGetting truly happy and healthy needs more than the occasional salad or infrequent exercise. It needs consistency in a way that works effortlessly.

The idea of automatic health has been floating around in my mind for a while, so I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard.

Everything that works is based on systems. The Earth goes around the sun in a predictable way and you can look at everything from biochemistry to business to electronics to whatever, to see it’s all systems.

What we really want more than anything is to feel good and be happy. Nothing can make up for not feeling good. And the fact is, that what we’re doing as a whole doesn’t have that result. The system isn’t working.

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Are intelligent people more prone to depression?

I think it’s true yes, and more prone to other mental illnesses too like anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia.

The human mind is hyper-malleable and the most intelligent mind, the most malleable of all. I often think of this issue as the difference between driving a Ferrari and a Mini. The Ferrari is more powerful, can go faster, but is also more dangerous, harder to handle, and perhaps is tuned so finely that it’s prone to break down :-) Continue reading

Why am I getting worse?

Feeling bad
© Ashley Rose

The conditions for healing are not the ones that caused the problem to show up. And because of habit, the conditions most commonly remain the same.

And so, what caused the problem will deepen the problem over time because your body is already at breaking point.

To heal, the conditions must change and for conditions to change, habits must change because habit is the root cause. To change habits, you must be exceptionally clear about what to change, and exceptionally clear about how.

Except for accidents and illnesses that we’re born with, the causes of illness and health problems are always sub-optimal lifestyle over a long time frame. And lifestyle has many factors. Continue reading

How to get rid of dark thoughts

Nicole asks…

“Wow, I’m so glad I found this website because I’m literally going crazy. Okay, so I’m 18 and my issue all started out with anxiety due to some things, where I started thinking about all these ways I could die, etc…

When that phase passed I was just sitting in my room studying when my sister was listening to some song where it mentioned the devil. I started to think about all those movies I’ve watched, from all the exorcism movies to the paranormal movies and so on. I’ve watched them all because I loved watching horror movies! God knows why. So I started thinking these intense thoughts how that could happen to me, how all those movies were based on a true story, etc.

I get scared even more when I start thinking that me constantly THINKING about it, makes me IMAGINE something, or in some way call out “the bad energies” or whatever…

I’ve seen in a comment on your “scary movie” post where someone as getting up at 3am. I’ve also heard that that’s when the gates of hell open or something, so when I get up during the night the first thing I do is look at the clock, when it’s 3 am I freak out.

I’ve had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, you name it just because of this. I’ve been to counseling and other professional people, but yet no one actually gave me good advice except for breathing techniques that DID help, but the thoughts are still there. I try not to think about it… but if you tell yourself for ex: ‘don’t think about the pig’, you think about the pig, right? :P Please help me :(“

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Okay… so… ATTENTION is the volume control for thoughts. That’s the root cause. You’ve been giving attention and meaning to dark thoughts so it’s no surprise that it’s those thoughts that are rattling around your head, and surface on a regular basis… Continue reading

How to help people change

Jennifer writes…

“I’ve been spreading the word about Happy Guide but people have to ‘get it’ or want to change.

Funny thing is some people look at me and say ‘You read this guy’s book and now you’re enlightened?’ Or ‘It’s all just common sense’… Well if it’s all just common sense, why are all the people with common sense not happier and healthier?

I’ll keep spruiking it though… even if it’s what I suspect, that a lot of people know it all deep down, they need to read it and have a light bulb go off… they need to keep reading it when they have off days, just a reminder.

The other argument people bring up when I am animatedly speaking of Happy Guide is that ‘it’s all well and good for the likes of you, you’re young, no ties or responsibilities, you can do what you like and swan around taking care of yourself, I haven’t got the time!’

Well I take offense to that! I am young, I don’t have too many ties and I don’t have children but I do have a life!! I have choices and the courage to make positive ones… we all have choices and they just need to see that they can make them!

Why is it when we stop and take care of ourselves the most part of the population accuses us of being selfish?

I don’t get it, do they realize that stress, poor health leads to illness, which in turn leads to an early death? (I, in fact, don’t have time to die!) Where are their kids, their ‘responsibilities’ going to be then? Up Shit Creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle…. well hopefully they have a good grasp of Happy Guide and it won’t make much difference!!

That’s my rant for today! Keep up the good work! :)”

Yesterday I spent nearly all day talking a woman around who spent 24 years obsessing about one wrong idea. She’s built it up so much that it totally dominates her life. And she’s by no means alone. OCD is rife… Continue reading

I feel lost and confused about life

Doug asks…

“I feel lost and confused about life. My moods, feelings and physical, mental and emotional discomfort are making life tough. I have read a lot of different life advice and it can be very confusing. I often feel restless, scared and frustrated.

I’ve been unsure about my vocation for the past few years. And there’s a female acquaintance who I enjoy seeing, but I feel too uncertain about everything to initiate anything. I would have to say I mostly feel confused and scared… Any insights? Thanks.”

I totally understand about confusing life advice.

When I was sick and desperate for answers, I found NO cohesive answers “out there.” Just debate, agendas and confusion…

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Anxiety at night

Chaeedy asks…

“I’ve been practicing the meditation 5 days a week (weekends are tough) in the morning, and it seems to be making a difference. Was feeling better, living in the ‘Now’, and to be honest, much fewer thoughts (in fact, very few).

But over the last 2-3 weeks I’m fine during the day, but when I turn off my light at night, I get this overwhelming anxiety/dread/terror feeling. It’s nothing specific, just the feeling. I don’t let my mind dwell/race on some concerning thought (staying in the now) so it’s not that. But it’s brutal! It just doesn’t seem to make sense… Any ideas/suggestions?”

© Remara

I assume your soul is tidy?

i.e. you aren’t viewing your life in any way as unacceptable or stressful, and you see that a thing only matters inasmuch as it moves you towards or away from health and peace of mind…

So, assuming you aren’t fueling the fire with insane thoughts about success, and that your good health habits are in place, then we’re left with old conditioning.

You’ve been giving your mind fight, danger and stress thoughts for a long time, and even when we make a different choice, the old pattern continues for a while.

You need to simply not care that it’s there and see it for what it is… old stuff playing out. Then focus on Happy Guide’s relaxation method when you get into bed and do it every night… Continue reading

It’s all about feeling good!

Everything you do, you do for ONE reason only — to have a good feeling. Good feelings come in lots of “flavors” — security, contentment, happiness, love, joy, fulfillment…

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call them all “good” :-)

If you ponder it deeply, you’ll see that everything, without fail, is done to so that you can feel good. Feeling good is everyone’s ultimate aim — the problem is that we can get confused about where to find these good feelings we’re after.

Most of us focus all our energy into our house, money, job, car, partner that we think will make us happy — the externals, the material. There’s nothing wrong with all these goals but if you want to be truly happy, you need to focus on health first. Continue reading

How to feel good

© Yan

I know what you want, because all humans want the same thing: to feel good.

A lot of folks have “ideas” about what they want. “I want this, I want that.” What’s not always obvious is the reason.

What’s always behind the wanting is the desire for a GOOD FEELING.

That might be love, peace, contentment, joy, security, respect, acceptance or fulfillment. It’s a whole rainbow of good feelings we’re after…

In my experience, a lot of people go wrong because they haven’t identified that it’s really the feeling they’re after and not the actual object — the thing or condition that they think will get them the feeling… Continue reading