It’s all about feeling good!

Everything you do, you do for ONE reason only — to have a good feeling. Good feelings come in lots of “flavors” — security, contentment, happiness, love, joy, fulfillment…

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call them all “good” :-)

If you ponder it deeply, you’ll see that everything, without fail, is done to so that you can feel good. Feeling good is everyone’s ultimate aim — the problem is that we can get confused about where to find these good feelings we’re after.

Most of us focus all our energy into our house, money, job, car, partner that we think will make us happy — the externals, the material. There’s nothing wrong with all these goals but if you want to be truly happy, you need to focus on health first.

When you have amazing clarity and energy, your life will automatically go in wonderful new directions that you can’t even imagine right now! That’s why health is number one.

And when you rediscover your natural energy and happiness, you’ll realize that striving for the external and the material things never did have the power on their own to make you happy — it’s like putting the cart before the horse.

How to feel good

So, all our motivation for doing anything is to FEEL GOOD and we feel good by going after happiness DIRECTLY — by changing our inner state first.

We change our inner state by consistently checking health boxes (good habits) that allow our bodies and minds to function at the highest level.

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Michael Kinnaird is the author of Happy Guide, the result of a 20 year exploration into what works for health and happiness.

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2 thoughts on “It’s all about feeling good!

  1. Hi Nicola,

    Happy Guide is written for everyone, but none more so than people who feel lost. For 13 years I felt lost, on top of a terrible illness. It’s there to put you on the right path to happiness I promise. The best thing for you now Nicola is to read Happy Guide, have faith in it, and take those steps.

    There are many things feeding into our state, how we feel. So we need to address all of them. As well as the physical things, thoughts can cause a lot of pain, repeated thoughts like “I hate myself.” And the wonderful fact is that when you bring your mind under your control by practicing living in the moment, it solves all the psychological causes!

    So please read Happy Guide Nicola, it’s short, won’t take long to read. Then if you have questions, you can use our contact form, or leave a message on any post. Right now you need hope and direction. Happy Guide will give you both.

    Two things I recommend starting today, is giving up gluten (anyone with any kind of illness should stop eating gluten in my opinion), and learn how to step back from your thoughts…

    I’ve written about feeling lost before actually (you’re not alone)…

    Best wishes,


  2. I have no inner peace (self-hatred) and it’s ruining every area of my life :-( I am so lost as I just don’t know how to become comfortable in my own skin.


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