I feel lost and confused about life

Doug asks…

“I feel lost and confused about life. My moods, feelings and physical, mental and emotional discomfort are making life tough. I have read a lot of different life advice and it can be very confusing. I often feel restless, scared and frustrated.

I’ve been unsure about my vocation for the past few years. And there’s a female acquaintance who I enjoy seeing, but I feel too uncertain about everything to initiate anything. I would have to say I mostly feel confused and scared… Any insights? Thanks.”

I totally understand about confusing life advice.

When I was sick and desperate for answers, I found NO cohesive answers “out there.” Just debate, agendas and confusion…

That’s why I spent over 20 years piecing it all together myself… because of all the unnecessary suffering due to lack of clear, simple guidance.

I came to see how the vast majority of our suffering is due to living a poor lifestyle over a long time-frame. So why not throw yourself into the Happy Guide way and then see for yourself how good you feel?

I’ve done all the hard work for you and if you have faith in it, your faith will be rewarded with results. Common feedback we get when folks really commit to the Happy Guide lifestyle is…

“I feel amazing.”

Happy Guide exists for people JUST like you. I felt lost too, for many years and I was in tremendous pain on all levels.

So please, trust the direction Happy Guide sends you in, and head that way. Commit and see what happens.

At first it can be hard, but in the end, it’s effortless, and feeling great is really easy. The change is hard, yes, sometimes almost unbearable, if we attempt too much in one go. Try to go step by step if you can, manageable steps not too far outside your comfort zone.

When we’re not feeling our best, it’s best not to make big life-changing decisions. Everything spins out from happy. Get happy first and then see what you do :-)

Try to stabilize your lifestyle by taking the first steps in each of the six lifestyle elements. That’s always going to be the hardest step. After that, baby steps are usually the way to go and it just gets better and better.

For now, I would say just accept that you don’t know your vocation at this time. There’s nothing wrong in not knowing, if you don’t make it a problem. When you feel on top, you can explore more about this subject and you will get new inspirations when you feel happy and your energy is high. So focus on your lifestyle blueprint and commit to the process. See what happens :-)

With your female acquaintance I would say trust your feelings and allow yourself whatever choice you wish. There’s no bad choice ultimately, long term. We always get clarity from stumbling along rather than have a sudden flash of amazing insight. It tends not to work like that.

With Happy Guide for instance, James and I just committed to it and tried stuff. Sometimes it failed or wasn’t what we wanted, but it was only by taking action that we moved finally into clarity about the finish line we wanted.

I would say let your fear go and love instead :-) You can always choose again. You most certainly will, but fearing your choices just keeps you stuck like a rabbit in headlights.

Lighten your load! All these worries you carry. Commit to the moment, let go and trust your feelings. Honestly? Your feelings are your best guide to the right path.

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