How to feel good

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I know what you want, because all humans want the same thing: to feel good.

A lot of folks have “ideas” about what they want. “I want this, I want that.” What’s not always obvious is the reason.

What’s always behind the wanting is the desire for a GOOD FEELING.

That might be love, peace, contentment, joy, security, respect, acceptance or fulfillment. It’s a whole rainbow of good feelings we’re after…

In my experience, a lot of people go wrong because they haven’t identified that it’s really the feeling they’re after and not the actual object — the thing or condition that they think will get them the feeling…

So, I know what you want — and that’s good feelings.

But I also know how you can get it.

And this, like I said, is where folks go wrong. Because most folks have put too much importance on things and conditions to get them the good feelings they want.

When favorable things and conditions come to us, we feel very good. And so naturally we make the connection…

Good things + good conditions = good feelings

This is quite an error in my view. Because the feelings you get from these things is very good, but also very short. It’s a bright flash of good feelings that doesn’t last very long. Then you need more good conditions and good things to make you feel better again.

But I know a better way.

Feeling good all the time is mainly about two big things…

  • Health
  • Peace of mind

The combination of the above two is about as powerful as it gets. Even just getting no.1 right will mean you’re flying high. But add in no.2 and… well… WOW!

Health is the easiest of the two conditions for permanent good feelings. It means regular good habits that mean you’re well rested, have the best food, exercise and so-on. Although it’s the easiest of the two, it’s still difficult for many to achieve.

No.2 is peace of mind.

This involves being free from false ideas about yourself. Ideas like “I am this, I am that, I believe this, I think that.” It’s freedom from identification with thought.

It’s a case of who is in control… Is it YOU or is it THOUGHT itself?

Are you a proverbial “leaf in the wind,” blown about by every random thought and desire that happens to you?

So that’s the BIG TWO of health and happiness — health and peace of mind.

As I’ve tried over the years to get the most from the BIG TWO, I’ve experienced happiness I’d never known before. What I’m saying is; you don’t know your potential. You don’t know the heights of happiness you can achieve until you start making the big two work for you.

I doubt there is a limit to your potential. I think you can always go higher.

You want good feelings, so go for that DIRECTLY.

Yes, you can get it quickly by things and conditions, but that will always leave you wanting.

Go directly to good feelings and tap into what is naturally yours. When you do that, you stop chasing the “little highs.” The little highs pale into insignificance compared to what you can get directly, by making the big two work for you.

So that’s how to feel good — not just for a short time, but always

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