Why am I getting worse?

Feeling bad
© Ashley Rose

The conditions for healing are not the ones that caused the problem to show up. And because of habit, the conditions most commonly remain the same.

And so, what caused the problem will deepen the problem over time because your body is already at breaking point.

To heal, the conditions must change and for conditions to change, habits must change because habit is the root cause. To change habits, you must be exceptionally clear about what to change, and exceptionally clear about how.

Except for accidents and illnesses that we’re born with, the causes of illness and health problems are always sub-optimal lifestyle over a long time frame. And lifestyle has many factors.

To be well, to heal, there is no true cure other than to live right and think right, to put the conditions in place that your genes expect because genetics and environment are exquisitely balanced. And because the root cause is your habits, to stop getting worse, to turn things around and get happy and healthy, you have to change your habits.

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