How to help people change

Jennifer writes…

“I’ve been spreading the word about Happy Guide but people have to ‘get it’ or want to change.

Funny thing is some people look at me and say ‘You read this guy’s book and now you’re enlightened?’ Or ‘It’s all just common sense’… Well if it’s all just common sense, why are all the people with common sense not happier and healthier?

I’ll keep spruiking it though… even if it’s what I suspect, that a lot of people know it all deep down, they need to read it and have a light bulb go off… they need to keep reading it when they have off days, just a reminder.

The other argument people bring up when I am animatedly speaking of Happy Guide is that ‘it’s all well and good for the likes of you, you’re young, no ties or responsibilities, you can do what you like and swan around taking care of yourself, I haven’t got the time!’

Well I take offense to that! I am young, I don’t have too many ties and I don’t have children but I do have a life!! I have choices and the courage to make positive ones… we all have choices and they just need to see that they can make them!

Why is it when we stop and take care of ourselves the most part of the population accuses us of being selfish?

I don’t get it, do they realize that stress, poor health leads to illness, which in turn leads to an early death? (I, in fact, don’t have time to die!) Where are their kids, their ‘responsibilities’ going to be then? Up Shit Creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle…. well hopefully they have a good grasp of Happy Guide and it won’t make much difference!!

That’s my rant for today! Keep up the good work! :)”

Yesterday I spent nearly all day talking a woman around who spent 24 years obsessing about one wrong idea. She’s built it up so much that it totally dominates her life. And she’s by no means alone. OCD is rife…

So… where is the common sense in 24 years? Even if she didn’t have the common sense herself, was there no one in those 24 years with the wisdom and insight to help her? The answer is no, there wasn’t.

Common sense tells people to go get a pill to fix their depression, insomnia, obesity, OCD, diabetes, and so-on. Common sense tells people to hit themselves with coffee if tired, booze if jittery. I could go on :-)

BUT Happy Guide is certainly self-evident once you know it, and the truth resonates like “Yes, this is IT,” so we have that wisdom deep down or we wouldn’t re-cognize it.

We had some beautiful feedback about this deep down wisdom we all have…

“Mike… thank you for what you do and for helping me be the person that I am. At some level, I think we all know most of the information you write about, but it is tucked away… so very far away… that we no longer know it.

As I read Happy Guide, I’m saying/thinking things like “of course!” or “yes I know!” I repeatedly think “that’s what I thought.” I smile and begin to incorporate what you write and what I am rediscovering, into my life and I am a happier person for it!

I believe validation is one of the most important and helpful things a person can give someone. You have given me validation and I now live a better, happier life. Thank you! I personally have always had a problem with feeling validated (guess its something from my childhood). You have helped me see that my core beliefs are actually correct!

Maybe it is something we are born with… like ancient knowledge but like I said, it is buried sooo deep that most of us cannot tap into it. Through your writing, I believe we can all get in touch with our true self. Keep it up… who knows where this all could lead!”
Judy Parnell, USA

I’ll tell you this… by the time something breaks, the answer is far away, the solutions hard to find. The health industry is a big mass of confusion and vested interests.

Please don’t be downhearted if people don’t get it right away. One thing reverberates in my mind all the time…


And when you do, it is noted. Other folks might have their own opinions right now and who doesn’t? But when something breaks, then the answer is in their mind, the memory of what you said may surface and they will only be a reach away from the truth. And if you’re a living, breathing example of health and happiness, who can argue? :-)

Being happy is the least selfish thing you could do actually, because of the ripples. We all affect each other. If you’re depressed, then you infect everyone, affect everyone, and the opposite it true… if you’re happy, you’re a great blessing to everyone.

A happy person cannot do bad things… it’s impossible! :-) Only unhappy people can do bad things.

And with the argument that there’s not enough time, well there’s nothing in Happy Guide that takes extra time apart from exercise which can be a cool social activity and lots of fun. So time is not an excuse…

Happy Guide SAVES time by getting priorities straight and getting what there is to do, done in the most efficient way possible. No lie… I know people who spent their WHOLE LIVES chasing after stuff that has no power at all to make them happy. How is THAT for a waste of time! :-)

A lot of people give Happy Guide to their loved ones as gifts which a fantastic way to go. Once someone actually sits down and reads it, then it all becomes crystal clear and the power and truth of it is self-evident.

Our mission is “everyone is happy and healthy” and one of our aims to achieve it, is to try to teach that if you stick your hand in the fire it’s going to burn. You don’t have to actually stick your hand in the fire to know. With health, the cause/effect is more complex, but only as complex as a one-hour read :-) And nature is the bottom line.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this into primary schools before I shuffle off. The ideal age to start to learn all this is around 5 to 7 years old. Get all this simple but powerful information into the young minds. Then this poor woman’s 24 years of hell is not there is it? It never happened.

And the truth is then embedded into our culture, it is reinforced by everyone everywhere.

Happy people everywhere. What a world that will be :-)

If one can be happy, every one can be happy. And the answers are really, really simple, you could teach it to a child.

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