Automatic health

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Getting truly happy and healthy needs more than the occasional salad or infrequent exercise. It needs consistency in a way that works effortlessly.

The idea of automatic health has been floating around in my mind for a while, so I thought I’d put fingers to keyboard.

Everything that works is based on systems. The Earth goes around the sun in a predictable way and you can look at everything from biochemistry to business to electronics to whatever, to see it’s all systems.

What we really want more than anything is to feel good and be happy. Nothing can make up for not feeling good. And the fact is, that what we’re doing as a whole doesn’t have that result. The system isn’t working.

Habit power gets it done easily

What habit power allows you to do is create a predictable system where feeling good and the best health is easy. Habit power simply takes what works to create the result of feeling good and systemizes it, so it just keeps on working for you — automatic health and happiness!

Your body is an incredibly complex biosystem that needs some pretty simple inputs to keep it working beautifully. All we need to do is figure out what the best inputs are and keep on doing them.

Habit is the power that effortlessly repeats — for good or bad. We’re creatures of habit anyway. So good habits mean we feel great automatically. And that adds up to a ton of good feelings and avoiding a ton of bad feelings that would happen without systemizing the inputs that your body, mind and soul need to thrive.

It’s simple stuff really — do this, this and this — and don’t do that, and pretty soon everything start running smoothly, effortlessly and naturally as it is supposed to. And consistency means you’ll get a synergistic effect of doing lots of good things together. A holistic lifestyle approach creates a greater positive health effect than just the sum of its parts, because everything affects everything else.

Automatic health — all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff, easily and effortlessly. Priceless!

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12 thoughts on “Automatic health

  1. I would say that the focus on profit by groups over the general welfare is the biggest world issue right now, but I suppose that’s a mental health problem.

    What comes to mind is corporations concerned with only their bottom line, and governments warring each other, amongst many other issues.

    People need to learn that when you expand the circle of things you care about, you improve the sustainability and survivability of the system as a whole.

    But yes, people’s health has definitely been deteriorating in many ways.

    With the poor diets we are led to eat, the added stress we introduce into our lives when we work a job we hate, get very little sleep, and tell ourselves it’s necessary to “get ahead” in life, to the lack of many people’s interest in lifelong learning, leaving most ignorant about so much of the universe that they are easily manipulated into serving a corrupted system, a focus on comprehensive health for yourself and everything you care about leaves us a better society in every possible way.

    Happiness reinforces actions, and true happiness is that which harms the least.


    1. “a focus on comprehensive health for yourself and everything you care about leaves us a better society in every possible way.”

      True… so that’s how to change the world… get people happy! Because a happy person does different things, sees things differently, sees rightly… gratitude and service become natural. I think it was Einstein who said that a problem can’t be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. The outer reflects the inner… the competitive structures, the greed and corruption are a reflection of our inner reality.

      But you, and more and more people are waking up… seeing clearly the causes and effects and want no part of it. And it will continue more and more and all those structures will collapse. What wakes people up is living well and certain practices that shine a light on the ego and therefore cause it to be dropped. The dysfunction is seen clearly and that is happening more and more at an astonishing rate right now.

      I believe this is a difficult transition… because it’s rapid change and confusing. But we will see it soon and cooperation and service will replace greed and competition… and then… WOW, together, in service, we will create a truely incredible world. That’s what I think will happen and it’s started already.


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