How to get rid of worry, stress and chaos

Free of stress and worry
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What’s your best moment to moment focus? The answer is “THE LIST” — specifically your Regular Actions List…

How to get things done

Woody Allen famously said “99% of success is showing up.” When you dance through your Regular Actions List, you regularly show up for all those things that need your attention.

The result of this is not restriction but FREEDOM. Freedom from worry about the little things and freedom from the chaos that results from unfocused activity. The List frees your mind to enjoy the moment because the List HOLDS your life together in the most efficient way possible…

You can only do one thing at a time. And the List organizes those things both in priority and in sequence. Now habit comes in because all of this becomes a dance. After a while you will begin to learn the dance and flow through it all with the minimum of effort.

Show up, run smooth, relax

See how you RELAX when everything is taken care of effortlessly. And of course, your List has all of those “causes” of happiness in place so you effortlessly check those health boxes every day.

So if you haven’t done so already, be sure to get your lifestyle blueprint nailed down and all those regular actions lined up. Do this and your life will run smoothly, your mind will relax and you will regularly SHOW UP to put the causes of health and happiness in place.

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2 thoughts on “How to get rid of worry, stress and chaos

  1. Mr.Michael Kinnaird-Hello-After succeeding in dealing with the unwanted thoughts there remains still list of negative habit patterns of my mind.why i still used unnecessarily to forefront negative thoughts regarding some people whether concerned or not in personal or non personal, based on fear of protection- after that in another way pattern i used Escaping way to leave the place so that they could not get harmed by me as hinting information between one another( i hold it as important thought) .why i am not been able to FACE the people or deal such thoughts in front of people.How i get detached from it whether fault in them exist or not exist.By doing this an automatic negative energy resulted in my head causing within me a humiliation of cheating or bad person.Why i get first thought initially because i think problem is there.
    Best Wishes,
    Imtiyaz Khan


    1. Hi Imtiyaz, awareness itself changes. You may notice there is a difference between what you know is true and negative thoughts habits. So just keep noticing what pops into your mind, and then moving into a quiet mind again, just listening all the time. So when we see clearly the thoughts aren’t true, then we see thoughts for what they are… can be old habits, old beliefs. By staying in awareness, eventually the quality of the thoughts change, and we allow our unconscious mind to give us good information we can trust. When we are in this let-go state, but very aware, then eventually the thoughts that come will be just the right ones you need at the moment.

      In awareness, you will be able to see into situations clearly, see all the forces at work, without attachment. So blame etc are dropped and you just see what is, and compassion is the more likely feeling. Most people still have an ego-based consciousness, dominated by identification with thoughts, and that causes a whole lot of drama. By staying rooted in awareness, you see the drama for what it is. Also, the sense of neediness and lack goes away with awareness, so the drama you might create yourself also goes away.

      The key is to be clear about staying in awareness using the listening method, using the flow method, being in a let-go state. It’s very comforting to stay rooted in that, and trust life to sort itself out. Whatever you need to say or do will still happen, you don’t become isolated, but those actions are then coming from a different place, not the little ego me, but from a whole-minded me, stable and peaceful.

      So commit to listening and let what comes and goes come and go, and be aware, curious, but unconcerned. Just notice your feelings, habits, reactions and return over and over to awareness.


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