I have high anxiety and I hate being alone

Rachel asks…

“I’m only a teen, and I talk to somebody about my anxiety issues. She said I have high anxiety, and I also have nightmares. I HATE being alone. Even in my own house. I’ve talked to my therapist about meditation, deep breathing exercises, and muscle relaxation. But when I get to sleep and wake up from one of these nightmares, it just makes me sweat and breathe faster and faster. Tips?”

Happy Guide includes relaxation and meditation as part of a complete health system that gets to the roots of nearly all our suffering. So please read Happy Guide as your first step and you’ll see very clearly, the causes of health problems, what to do about it and most importantly… how to do it.

All problems have many factors, so you need to correct all factors to find the true cure and be happy and healthy. Happy Guide will show you what all these factors are and how to correct them.

Normally, I would say if you feel very anxious, the best remedy is to exercise. That’s because your body goes into a “flight or flight” state and so it basically prepares for exercise, to enable you to fight or run away, so it’s the perfect natural solution… Continue reading “I have high anxiety and I hate being alone”

How to get rid of worry, stress and chaos

Free of stress and worry
© Dan Foy

What’s your best moment to moment focus? The answer is “THE LIST” — specifically your Regular Actions List…

How to get things done

Woody Allen famously said “99% of success is showing up.” When you dance through your Regular Actions List, you regularly show up for all those things that need your attention.

The result of this is not restriction but FREEDOM. Freedom from worry about the little things and freedom from the chaos that results from unfocused activity. The List frees your mind to enjoy the moment because the List HOLDS your life together in the most efficient way possible… Continue reading “How to get rid of worry, stress and chaos”

Your lifestyle blueprint

A lifestyle blueprint for happiness
© Danika Pierce

If you want to build a house, you don’t start by calling the brick layer!

With house building it’s obvious you need to start with a plan but with your health and happiness; not so obvious :-)

Lots of people have figured out that a certain thing makes them feel much better. It could be running, meditation or whatever — and they do that thing in heaps.

But it’s uncommon to find someone who understands the BIG PICTURE, who acts on the truth — that “everything affects everything else.” Continue reading “Your lifestyle blueprint”

How to stock your kitchen

Stock your kitchen, healthy shopping list
© H is for home

I couldn’t believe what my friend said the other day. “When you come over, we can go shopping and you can show me how it’s done.”

Brain freeze! That came as a bit of a shock to me!

What could be easier? You go round and put fruits, veg, nuts and good protein sources in your trolley, then you pay :-)

But of course it’s easy to assume that everyone knows what you know. If you’re used to having cereals, sandwiches and pizza as your staple diet, the fruit and veg aisles can look a bit daunting… Continue reading “How to stock your kitchen”