How to break bad habits — checklist

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Bad habits are tricky! This “trickiness” is why the bad habits section in Happy Guide is short, so you can read it as many times as you need to get absolutely clear on HOW to do it…

Creating new good habits is much easier because you have a blank canvas.

With your bad habits, you’re trying to redirect your attention to stop them playing out. Repeat this a few times and soon you have a new habit. Stopping yourself doing bad things is critical so you need to get really clear. Before you begin, check that you…

  • Understand the pink elephant problem — to not think about a pink elephant you have to think about something else. Keep your mind OFF it and ON something else.
  • Know your finish line and your next step.
  • Have picked a step that’s not too far outside your comfort zone.
  • Have made your step into a pact that feels CLEAR and UNSHAKABLE. Have a simple pact with a minimum of ifs, buts or maybes.
  • Have dropped “The Problem” by getting clear that the process is weekly tweaks.
  • Understand that any form of “backlash” is ignored, you ride it out because the decision is made (cravings and thoughts typically only last a few seconds if you ignore them).

Keep on reading the “Break Bad Habits” section in Happy Guide until you OWN it :-) Once you’re clear and feel unstoppable… begin, follow through and start getting WINS! Good luck!

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