I feel burnt out and zoned out

Ian asks…

I am CEO of a company and my life has been great — focus minded, career tracked and stress free (good stress only).

But a few months ago I had an anxiety attack (heart palpitations and faint feeling). I had a huge number of tests and was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion. I also felt hyper sensitive and hyper aware, and my thinking patterns changed.

Then I began experiencing deep sadness, a feeling that time is passing me by and insomnia. I am now also experiencing a sort of ‘derealization’ like I am zoned out and losing touch with reality. I have an emotional numbness… even my family are starting to feel like strangers to me. Please help.

© Daniel Horacio Agostini
© Daniel Horacio Agostini

Everything you’ve described tells me that you’re experiencing burn out. Our vitality can trick us into thinking that what we’re currently doing is fine.

With health, there is usually no immediate cause and effect. We can run on adrenaline, drawing on our “base” vitality for a long time, years even.

But eventually you’ll get a sign, a message from your body that you can’t keep doing what you’re doing. In your case, it was an anxiety attack and the discovery that you were experiencing adrenal exhaustion.

You can have all the tests in the world but I can tell you with 100% certainty that there’s only one true cure: to correct your lifestyle. This is the only way to take the pressure off your mind and body, and experience health and vitality in the long-term.  Continue reading

How to concentrate on studying without getting distracted

Ashok asks…

“I am a 22 year old student and am sick of my uncontrollable thoughts. My main problem is I can’t concentrate on my study matter. When I try to study I just sink into another world of imagination. After a few minutes I start thinking about college, family, my aims, girls.

I am highly sensitive. Others enjoy themselves, have fun and also study hard but I can’t do any of those things so easily. For every action I think about pros and cons. While talking with friends I try not to hurt anyone and I get too attracted towards girls. If I like someone I can just think about her, for whole days to months.

Please help me in getting rid of useless thoughts of hero imagination, girls, judging others behavior, of living a luxurious life, becoming popular etc. I just want to study, get high scores and be successful in my life.”

© Mer Chau
© Mer Chau

What is success?

First of all, I want you to relax about any ideas you have of being “successful.”

There’s a lot of pressure these days from parents and teachers to get qualifications and well-paid jobs. I understand this from a parent’s perspective.

Apart from notions of “success” they also worry that their child will live a life of financial struggle, and feel unfulfilled, by only being able to get low-paid, “menial” jobs. The common perception is that jobs like sweeping the streets or serving food represents failure.

The reality is that many high earners are in positions of great responsibility and their day is usually unhealthy and stressful. These jobs are often sedentary and demanding — people to manage, targets to hit, deadlines to meet. Stress, fast lunches and unhealthy snacks, a sedentary indoor lifestyle — these things are conducive to poor health and unhappiness. Continue reading

Happy Guide: Make 2015 a Happy New Year

Today, James and I are shocked and speechless because of this wonderful and thoughtful review of Happy Guide by Jessica Thompson on Beautiful Health. Thank you so much Jessica!

Beautiful Health

Happy Guide Cover

I don’t usually review books on my blog, but recently I’ve read a couple that have stuck with me that I simply must write about. The first of those books is Happy Guide: 6 Simple Lifestyle Changes for Health and Happiness by Michael Kinnaird.

I must say, this post has been a long time coming. I first read this book back in May, and I reread it just last month. It’s certainly one of those books that you can keep referring to when you need a little guidance.

Happy Guide, as the name suggests, is a guide to happiness. And no, it’s not one of those self-help books that makes you jump through hoops in the pursuit of happiness. It provides six very simple, very achievable steps that you can follow to achieve the happiness you truly deserve.

Let me just take a second to mention the time of year…

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Are vegan diets healthy?

vegan diet
Are vegan diets healthy over the long-term?

I’ve been chatting to a vegan on the Happy Guide blog for a few days, and as usual, the debate gets quite intense, vegans are certainly passionate about their choices.

Vegan diets untenable

I want to say something about this because basically, my view is that vegan diets are essentially dangerous. My reasons include “big picture” stuff like… Continue reading

Rhubarb crumble and forests of food

© Kevin Buehler | Home-grown rhubarb straight from the garden with no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides

A few days ago, my next-door-neighbor who loves cooking made five big rhubarb, blackberry and blackcurrant crumbles, with the last of the harvest from my garden “food forest.”

She then gave them to other folks who live close by. You just can’t beat home cooking!

And you can’t get better food than organic home-grown food, straight from the garden and prepared right away. This food forest idea is one that’s taking off big-style.

It’s an idea that’s part of the whole permaculture revolution and it’s really a wonderful idea. What you do is just plant stuff in a forest type manner, and let nature take care of it, for the most part. Continue reading

I feel like life is passing me by

Trisha writes…

“I feel life is passing me by, and I have accomplished little, even down to the ordinary everyday things and I feel I have lost the zeal and zest out of life.

I feel that I need to wake up and use my life and talents, although I feel I do not have any talents either — I just drift into each new day and accomplish nothing different from week to month to year on a continuous basis.

And I just get so annoyed with myself and take it out on those of my family, which is so unfair. I have no focus, goal, challenge, as each of these require time and money to join, and be involved in activities which I cannot afford, well only very few if I push myself. I take on courses with great zeal and then after a few weeks into it, any excuse and I will lose heart in what once was something I loved.

Why does this happen me? Sometimes I think ‘What is my life about?’ Where is it all going? Will I feel like this in 10yrs time?

I’m in my early 40s now and wish I had a dream, something of my own to attend to. I am envious of those who have the will power and motivation to change themselves.

I have all the books, on diet, food, health, positive thinking and still feel low self esteem and that people don’t find me interesting or want to become my friend — even though I have put myself out there, done the classes, am friendly, warm and kind.

But I do not tend to attract the same like minded people. I would really love to have a few good, trustworthy, loyal people in my life that I could be myself with, warts and all — and be accepted for my own personality and not compared to others which happens all the time. I am my own worst critic of myself. I would love to hear from you about all this.”

© Evan Blaser

There’s a very true saying… “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone!” People want to be around happy people because we all affect each other with our “vibe” in very powerful ways. So people want to be with people that make them FEEL GOOD.  Continue reading

Schizophrenia / multiple personality disorder treatment

Many moons ago, I saw a long documentary about a young woman called Freda suffering from what was called schizophrenia, but would be more rightly called multiple personality disorder.

Multiple personality disorder is commonly called schizophrenia, although it’s not, and the error may come from the fact that schizophrenia is derived from the Greek words skhizein meaning “split” and phren — “mind.”

I have to say though, that in my opinion, mental illnesses do not fit so neatly into the boxes that science has defined. Science does this because there has to be a standard treatment, a drug to be prescribed or other “therapy.” There has to be some structure whereby mental illness can be understood… Continue reading

I’m scared of zombies and I can’t sleep

Katherine asks…

“It’s almost 12:30am and I can’t fall asleep. It’s a school night and I usually can’t sleep on school night for some reason, and on weekends I can fall asleep.

I’ve tried your advice, many other different websites on how to get rid of scary thoughts and how to fall asleep fast. None have really worked. I am scared of zombies, etc. and I know they are not real, but they still freak me out a lot.

I usually just close my eyes at night hoping to fall asleep, but I keep thinking there is some kind of demon looking at me. Please help! I’ve slept in my parents bed, but it’s even harder to sleep in there (and they don’t want me to sleep in there, they think I’m annoying lol). HELP!”

woman sleeping
Photo by Ivan Obolensky on Pexels.com

No such thing as zombies

You have to know with absolute clarity that you’re in no danger. When you think about zombies and get scared, then you are really seeing them as a threat to you and you will go in a “fight or flight” state, which is to save your life when there’s real danger. You MUST see these thoughts as silly/funny and that will help a lot in getting rid of them… Continue reading