Protein powder alternatives

Jeanie asks…

“I like the Happy Guide eating plan but I’m not a big fan of protein powder. What’s a good alternative for the fruit smoothie?”

You could have poached/boiled egg, cold cuts/leftover meat or kippers/smoked mackerel and so-on, in addition to the smoothie as quick protein choices.

Cottage cheese goes well, but always be suspicious of dairy, especially if you have any health issues…

Silken tofu is awesome in a smoothie but not for every day, as soy is controversial. Yogurt is also good and makes a delicious creamy smoothie.

The protein content is not as high as other options though and the dairy issues apply. Goat’s milk yogurt is likely to be less problematic. 

If you definitely want to avoid protein powders, then rotating all the different choices I mentioned is an option for you.

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4 thoughts on “Protein powder alternatives

  1. Hi Michael! I’ve seen some reviews on of people complaining about taste and grittiness of brown rice protein. What are your experiences about it? Thanks!


  2. I was thinking more about the protein powder thing. My concern with them is that they are all soy and whey based, so it’s not really avoiding soy and dairy… do you know of any other type that’s not based on these?

    Thanks Mike!


  3. Thanks Mike! They all sound like good options… I was thinking of putting a raw egg in the smoothie but need to research more to see if that’s safe…


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