“Leaky Gut” doesn’t exist, except it does

Medicine frustrates me. For about 5 years I saw every specialist out there and none of it helped me. And what is declared quackery one minute, is later accepted as gospel once the medical machine finally gets up to speed.

Here’s an important article written by a doctor about the very real “leaky gut” which causes a cascade of effects resulting or contributing to all sorts of diseases. Officially it doesn’t exist, except that in reality it does.

That’s why the Happy Guide diet removes the causes of leaky gut or intestinal permeability, it’s real and dangerous to health… 

You and I can’t wait for medicine to get up to speed. It’s a slow, plodding beast, and sadly corrupted by politics and vested interests. Focus on health, looking to nature and a diet based on evolution and tradition. Here’s the article… a recommended read…

Leaky Gut Syndrome is real

All the best,
Michael Kinnaird

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