One of the biggest mindset ideas you need

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In my 20 year search for health and happiness I wasted a lot of time researching the fine details of this and that.

I studied all the little biochemical effects, promising remedies, the debates and so on… desperately trying to get a handle on everything and how it all interacts…

It slowly but surely dawned on me… it’s an IMPOSSIBLE task.

Your body is probably the most complex thing that exists. It’s magnificent and wonderful. When you really consider it, it’s just AWESOME. Just have a look at one of those tiny hairs on your arm… really LOOK. Doesn’t it fill you with wonder?

The TRUTH is that even the greatest minds know NOTHING about your wonderful body. Even the greatest minds can only hold a little part of how it works. And humanity as a whole has only uncovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how your body works…

SO it dawned… gradually. I’m on a hiding to nothing here. This approach can never work. I will never get well by going BIOCHEMICAL.


It dawned… It’s all about… NATURE.

Your body is THE PRODUCT of nature and we don’t need to know how it works. Your job is to look after it — feed it well, rest it well, exercise it well and so on. Do WELL the things your body and mind need and miracles happen…

Your BODY will THRIVE.

Seems so obvious it’s funny…

And yet who is thinking in this way? — hardly anybody, especially not the medical machine. And yet nature has all the answers, for not only staying well but powerful tools for overcoming sickness.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

— Theodosius Dobzhansky

So… this is great to get clear and straight about. Your job is to CARE. It’s not to do random “anything” and then seek a fix when your body breaks. It’s to care… give your body the best care, the best environment, and you will stay well.

I love science, and the wisdom of tradition is enlightening, but nature is the guiding principle, nothing makes sense except in the light of evolution.

I have read amazing accounts over the years of healings from the very worst illnesses; from cancer to heart disease by simple natural methods. If YOUR body can do that, it can certainly not get sick in the first place; IF THE CONDITIONS ARE RIGHT.

And the natural result is you’ll get well, stay well and feeeel gooood.


You know it makes sense!

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7 thoughts on “One of the biggest mindset ideas you need

  1. I had a very inspiring “insight” a few months ago, when I was helping my mother with a cut on her leg, which was taking a while to heal (She is 87). I felt very strongly, the “eagerness” of our bodies to do the best they can to be in the healthiest state possible, almost like an innocent and faithful dog! And out of that came a powerful idea: that as with our bodies, so also with our whole lives… our bodies cannot be doing anything different than the whole of nature. I was more certain than I ever had been then, that our original existence, experientially of life, is of joy, that we exist naturally in that state and that life “wants” always to be in that state…the sentence that came out of this was “To ask if a person deserves to be happy, is like asking if a lettuce deserves to be green” …


  2. Simple but powerful! I think we can all commit to just caring for our bodies and letting them thrive… great post, thank you x


  3. This sounds great in theory but how practical are the happy guide propositions to take on board these changes, which have for most people been with them for many years or perhaps for a shorter space of time, I would love to hear more about this plan and how to heal ourselves, and keep our body safe and well from illness. Looking forward to more tips and hints on going forward and leaving the old habits behind putting them to rest and to grow in love of oneself again.


    1. Hi Claire,

      Happy Guide is as practical as you can get. It’s “Just tell me what to do and how to do it!” :-) James and I spent hours and hours getting it as short and powerful as it can be.



  4. Hi Mike,

    I would like to get a copy of this book. It seems to be a fantastic book to read to be smart in one’s lifestyle.

    I live in Kenya.



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