OCD testimonial

This is a testimonial from my friend who is now living a normal life after suffering OCD for twenty years.

© Axel Cardenas

“I have known Mike since our children were about five. I had suffered with O.C.D. for a long time since my mid-twenties.

I confided in Mike about my anxieties and thoughts on food. He advised me how to deal with this. I couldn’t believe that it could be so simple, so I continued for years more trying to solve the problem, to rationalize it, only making things worse and worse…

Even with a psychologist and Mike advising me how to get better I continued to give the problem more and more attention. Many anti-depressants later, even anti-psychotic drugs I was in a worse situation than ever, on the verge of losing my job, home, sanity and daughter. I had to try something else…

Mike spent hour after hour on the phone convincing me of what needed to be done and how his method could achieve this.

I finally committed to his method. It wasn’t easy because the responsibility rested on me, but the method couldn’t be more simple, luckily for me or I wouldn’t have made it.

Two months of committment and determination and I’m living a normal life with a normal relationship with food and getting better every day. Two months… after twenty years of misery.

A miracle. Seems like one to me.”

Read about the method he used to become normal after suffering 20 years of OCD

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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