Is the Happy Guide diet suitable for type 2 diabetics?

John asks…

“Can type 2 diabetics do a diet with all the fruit and juice?”

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The Happy Guide diet does not have any juice in it. I wouldn’t recommend juice for diabetics or anyone else.

There is fruit which is eaten as a starter or blended into a smoothie.

Fruit is a low-med glycemic food although you would probably want to stay away from bananas, grapes and dates and so on for the time being…

Fruit sugar is a combination of fructose and glucose and the fructose has to be converted by the liver, hence the low glycemic values. Also the fiber in fresh, whole fruit slows down the absorption of the sugar. The fruit in the Happy Guide diet is spaced out over the day…

The high glycemic carbs are generally the grains and starchy tubers and these are limited on the Happy Guide diet.

The Happy Guide diet is a set of powerful principles and a reference diet. It’s not set in stone. It’s there to show how to eat healthily in the real world and then it can be tweaked depending on many factors such as ethical beliefs, allergies, food intolerance and so-on.

Many diabetics are overweight and there is help for that in Happy Guide too. Normalizing weight is very important.

If you have dietary guidelines given to you by your health care provider, you can use Happy Guide to make those guidelines practical and doable.

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