20 years of OCD cured in 2 days!

I often write about my friend who has “OCD” — obsessive compulsive disorder. Because the issues he faces are the same ones we all face.

His are just more extreme, more obsessive but they’re the same. Just two days after giving his full effort to just one simple technique he called me…

“I’m cured,” he said.

This was after months of severe anxiety states. He was shaking a lot of the time, sweating heavily at night. His thoughts were racing constantly and he couldn’t control them.

He had to stop work several times and his life was grinding to a halt as he avoided as much as he could and withdrew into his private world of pain.

The reason I’m telling you all this is to show you the amazing power of attention. The technique is simple — distraction…

Attention is where your power is. Attention is the volume control for thoughts — as I’ve told him a thousand times.

The “cure” lasted ten days. Ten days of almost complete normality with no sign of OCD. And it took only two days to go from gibbering wreck to happy and enthusiastic using only distraction. Amazing!

Old habits die hard

And his cure would have been permanent but for the fact that ten days later after burning the candle at both ends, he had some little twinges of anxiety that triggered the old way of thinking. Slowly for a further 4 days, he ramped the whole thing back up again.

Again, this has powerful lessons for all of us. “Old habits die hard” as the saying goes. After making changes, we need to be sure to bed them in well.

It’s like riding a bike

“This OCD” I tell him, “is just like riding a bike. You’ll always be able to do it. Just DON’T GET ON THE BIKE.” Unfortunately he did — despite the most severe warnings. I talk to him for hours and hours and hours. “I can’t do this without you,” he says.

The truth is that all this talking is really unnecessary in the sense that it has only one purpose. To convince him that distraction IS the answer — to explain to him that his way can never work, and to get him to commit 100% to the simple method of distraction. Once he commits; two days. He is normal after two days. Twenty years of OCD gone.

If you stick your hand in the fire… it ALWAYS burns

So… round and round we go. As I speak he’s fallen back into the old way. Now he needs me to talk him out because it’s very foggy in there. He can’t see his own way out. I hope and pray that this time he’s learned and he won’t need to stick his hand in the fire one more time to realize… IT ALWAYS BURNS!

Thoughts are… just thoughts

The lesson for you and me is that thoughts aren’t us. They are for the most part conditioned reactions that we believe in and identify with. Once you can see thoughts as just thoughts, you have the power to remove your attention from unwanted ones.

Now you have a choice — to pay attention or not. Whether it’s because you want to stop a bad habit or stop a thought loop about a girlfriend that just dumped you, the process is the same. Distract from thoughts you don’t want (ie. ignore them) and their power is gone.

The amazing power of attention

Once you know this simple process, you’ll find a thousand ways it can serve you. Someone says something hurtful? Distract. Worried about tomorrow? Distract. Craving unhealthy food? Distract.

This one simple technique ALONE can have a massive impact on your health and happiness because you always have choice. There is always a choice of where to put your attention. You can stop reacting to everything in the same old conditioned way — the way everyone else reacts — predictably.

Master the process

Now you make your decisions consciously. You are in charge — not old habits, old ways and the same old reactions. If distraction can end 20 years of misery in only 2 days, what can it do for you?

Learn and master the incredible power of attention and you’re going to get happier and happier.

It’s been 8 years I am searching for a cure. Just to tell you thank you so much, I started the attention (distraction) method and my OCD is fading away. Many thanks!!

— Jad, Canada

Update: I received this feedback from the friend I talked about in the article:

Sometimes there’s things you don’t want but it’s a reality. But I now know thinking can bring nothing but more suffering. I don’t do OCD anymore. Thanks to you. Love you brother x

— Paul Attwell, UK

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

One to one help — personal coaching

The answer is always distraction but it can be hard to reach “the point of letting go” as I call it. Thoughts can take us over rapidly and can seem incredibly urgent and meaningful.

This is where some personal coaching can help. If you’re interested in the idea, you can let me know using this form. All details are kept strictly confidential.

249 thoughts on “20 years of OCD cured in 2 days!

  1. OK so all that is attention and caring, the OPPOSITE of what you’re supposed to be doing. Why won’t you leave it alone? Because you think it means something, you question your sexuality, so you keep testing yourself. You mentioned RELIEF, and so that’s what you need. You need the point of letting go. That point is when you understand that this does not change your sexual orientation unless you want it to, you are straight, by nature, this is because of attention and thoughts, not nature.

    So… remember before all this, how clear you were about your sexuality, never a question about it, REALLY get INTO that feeling of clarity. Now say to yourself “It’s fine, I know who I am.” This will anchor the STATE to the words. NOW whenever a thought comes, recall your clarity “It’s fine, I know who I am” and then remove attention.

    You got confused, now you recall your truth, and REINFORCE your truth whenever a thought about it comes.

    If you are CLEAR, then you won’t TEST, why would you?

    Be sure to really get into that feeling of clarity you have before all this and that is your truth.

    NOW, as you apply this, it becomes a “clear and bright thought-feeling” and also a habit, so after only a little time, it just becomes automatic, you will find that you won’t say the words, you instantly just recall the clear and bright thought-feeling, and remove attention.

    NOW your mind stops telling you about it, because you are clear, because you stopped CARING, stopped giving it MEANING.

    1. What does that half boner mean? Arousal is complex, just by paying attention to arousing qualities, it happens. Most would be able to find qualities in the same sex if they started looking. Most men would deny it fiercely of course, but it’s true, and many men have feminine qualities, and some may be qualities you really like in women. So what I’m basically saying is that sexuality has some leeway, you could change it by thoughts and attention, as you have started to, but anybody can, even someone who was totally disgusted by the idea, if the idea and attention persists, the shift will happen. Short answer: it means nothing, it means you became confused.

    2. Am I really gay or bi because of that half boner? Nope.

    3. Why did I get this half boner? See 1.

    4. What do I do with this situation with my friend? Let go of the problem which keeps in on your radar and just be his friend, if a thought comes when you are with him ignore it. Remember, thoughts come back with the meaning you previously gave, so don’t question the meaning of anything “it’s fine, I know who I am.”

    5. How do I get crystal clear? By 1. reaching the point of letting go, then 2. letting go. 1. You are not gay or bi, this is about attention to an idea. Something happened, you thought it meant something, it doesn’t, when you feel that relief…. 2. ignore all thoughts about it consistently.

    6. How do I stop these thoughts and the inconsistency? Covered that, many times.

    7. What caused all this that I experienced today? Why did it happen? Covered that.


    1. Ok thanks but in your answer to question one, do you mean to say that anyone can just change their sexuality by attenention?

      Do you also mean that I am changing it slowly with the attention?

      And lastly, I though sexuality was a biological fact, so how could one change it with attention?


      1. I mean I don’t think that I am changing mine slowly with attention. I think the half boner is just because I got confused, not because I am slowly turning gay because of thoughts. And that I was biologically born straight.

        Is this true? And could you also answer my other questions?




      2. What you pay attention to GROWS, and attention is given because it has meaning for you, both these things are your choices. One could certainly highlight same sex preferences by giving attention but why would you? Personally, the idea of strict straight/gay/bi categories doesn’t gel. We are all somewhere on a continuum.

        My wife just told me that people with learning difficulties are “not fussy.” So this suggests much conditioning in the general population… someone shows disgust at the idea, you take that on board and call it self.

        You are always at choice, even now, by questioning it, you are choosing to explore the idea of it and thus grow it. Why not simply choose, it isn’t hard, you said you wanted this gone and to live happily with your girlfriend, so do that, why GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT?

        Why make it an issue? Something curious happened, don’t really know why, maybe you were just ultra horny that day, who knows, who cares, the mind is a complex thing. Stay in your power, which is to CHOOSE. What do you WANT to be, what do you WANT to give attention to.

        Things MEAN what you say they mean, nothing has meaning built in.

        In your situation I would just smile at the curious and strange event where I was for a moment attracted to my friend, and just let it go, and then see what life brings, just relax and go with the flow.

        Choices: Imagining having sex with your friend, is not moving you in the direction you say you want :-)

        The SOONER you decide to let it go, the sooner it will let YOU go. If you tell your mind something is important, you get repeats. The clearer you are about the “new way,” what you choose, the FASTER your mind will line up.

        Fast route… decide clearly you don’t want to think about it any more, then ignore every single thought. If you want what you say you want, this is the path.

        The search for MEANING to this will just grow the problem.


  2. Ok, thanks very much. I have one more set of questions and I’m sorry if I am being a pain but thanks for all you help.

    So today when I woke and saw what you wrote, I thought, OK, I am gonna do this and stick to it no matter what. I went to school, was ignoring and doing better.

    When I arrived in my class I sat next to a friend. This friend of mine is generally known by girls to be really good looking. So I gave in. Sadly I had to imagine having sex and whatever with him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I stuck my hand back in the fire. The problem is, when doing so I got like a half boner, and this really really REALLY freaked me out. The “what if I am gay” thoughts stormed back in because of the half boner. So after that I didn’t know what to do. I tried to just get on with my day, and I thought I would imagine having sex with him again when I got home JUST TO MAKE SURE I WASN’T GAY and to find out what the hell that half boner meant.

    So when I got home I imagined having sex with him, sucking his d*ck, all stupid things but I felt like I had to because I was so worried about why I got that half boner. And when I imagined this at home I got practically no erection. Maybe a 1/12 boner or a 1/10 boner like before but MINIMAL movement, and I didn’t really feel aroused: It was practically no movement at all. I found relief here, but then ocd pulled the trick “well you still got a half boner before!” That killed me. This thought still kills me. But I couldn’t get it the second time, I wouldn’t be able to now either. So I thought “Ignore the ocd, and ask michael what this all means” so that’s what I am doing now.

    And another problem is whenever I see that friend now, which I NEVER had gay thoughts with before all this ocd crap, whenever I see or even hear his name, the ocd attacks me. I really don’t know what to do. Do I stay away from him? I know I can’t do that.

    And then I thought also: “why does this keep happening?” And the answer came. I am not crystal clear. That is what I need to get to. That is how I will be able to cure my ocd, like you said.

    So my questions for you are:

    1. What does that half boner mean?

    2. Am I really gay or bi because of that half boner?

    3. Why did I get this half boner?

    4. What do I do with this situation with my friend?

    5. How do I get crystal clear?

    6. How do I stop these thoughts and the inconsistency?

    7. What caused all this that I experienced today? Why did it happen?

    Michael, many thanks for you taking your time to answer these questions. Sorry if I am being annoying as I keep on asking but it is helping.




  3. “I was almost starting to return to no hocd and moving back towards no more questioning of heterosexuality.”

    Right, after only a few hours right? You just weren’t consistent. Consistently ignore. Now, next week, between now and when you die!

    1. What do I do now? Consistently ignore all thoughts about it.

    2. How do I prevent this in the future. By being clear that ignoring and not caring are always the thing to do.

    3. Was this experience (imagining this all) made by ocd? OCD is just a label for a common dysfunction, images are created through imagination. Attention is the volume control for thoughts.

    4. What the hell does this mean? It means you’ve given lots of attention and meaning to an idea.

    5. Why did this happen? See 4.

    6. Am I gay, bi or 1/12 bi? (just thinking about this question makes me sick). No, you are a straight guy who has started questioning, and then created a lot of anxiety and confusion around it.

    7. How do i prevent this? DECIDE you don’t want it, and then make it not there by ignoring every occurrence consistently. Stop TESTING, thinking, questioning.

    8. How do i stop this once and for all, so it never happens again, and I can go and live my life happily with my girlfriend. See 7.

    We are going around in circles, as ALWAYS happens with OCD, because you didn’t get CLEAR. And how can it be simpler? Decide you don’t want it, (you know what you want, see Q8), and then ignore every thought about it between now and when you die, no questioning, no testing.


  4. Get CLEAR: Your aim is to disappear these thoughts, in that state, they are just NOT THERE. So you make that happen by giving NO ATTENTION whatsoever and having an indifferent attitude, not caring, consistently.

    The problem is that you REALLY REALLY don’t want these thoughts, but that doesn’t work, that means CARING a LOT, it means you made it the center of your world. And the mind operates on your caring about a thing, so it gives you back what you cared about, and since you care so much, it shows you it 24/7.


    1. Thanks for all your help. It was working at first, and then (sorry if this is to sexual but I need to otherwise I’m never gonna get my point across) I got a sort of random boner and at first I was fine but then I imagined having sex with a man and for a brief milasecond i kinda briefly enjoyed it but then right after my mind spiraled and went back into anxiety. But before that I was almost starting to return to no hocd and moving back towards no more questioning of heterosexuality. Right now as I write this I am not aroused and would never want to do what I imagined for a brief second there and it makes me sick thinking about it (it doesn’t though when I think of a woman). What do i do now because the anxiety level is worse and no matter what I tell myself my mind is just frieking out. So

      1. What do I do now?

      2. How do I prevent this in the future?


      1. Also I think i should specify more on when I imagined it. I enjoyed it for a brief milasecond and then found anxiety and felt sick and didnt enjoy it. But my ocd mind will tell me “you enjoyed it” when I really didn’t. Still answer the two questions above with this in mind also



      2. And also some more questions about anther incident. So I was doing better, ignoring it. But then I saw a picture of one of my friends shirtless and freaked out. Or my ocd mind freaked out I should say. I stupidly checked to see if i would get aroused by testing and I got this weird tingling feeling which I have gotten before and a kinda 1/12 erection. I also felt wrong and sick

        This freaked me out more so I went and stupidly watched gay porn. I got the same thing as before. Tingling, 1/12 erection and feeling wrong and sick. Then I watched lesbian porn and got a full scale boner, felt great and horny and really a massive to the max boner.

        But my ocd mind won’t stop telling me that I still DID feel that tingling and that 1/12 arousal. What I mean by that is that it moved like a tiny bit. But my ocd mind won’t stop telling that it still DID move (but remember, full scale awesome feeling erection with lesbo porn)

        So more questions are:

        4. What the hell does this mean?

        5. Why did this happen?

        6. Am I gay, bi or 1/12 bi? (just thinking about this question makes me sick)

        7. How do i prevent this?

        8. How do i stop this once and for all, so it never happens again, and I can go and live my life happily with my girlfriend

        I just don’t get it, i used to be nuts for girls and absolutely certain about my sexuality now this thing is f*cking me up.

        So if u could answer all these questions i have given you seperately, I would be very thankful.




  5. 1, As I said, first you need to reach the point of letting go, if you understand these thoughts are not true, just thoughts you feared and so, created a web of interrelated thoughts about, if you can see clearly that if it all just wasn’t there, you’d be fine, then you’re at that point. Now, understand that for something to NOT be there, you have to remove MEANING and attention from all related thoughts. That means “don’t care” and “attention elsewhere. This tells your mind to stop giving you the thoughts. 100% cure means it’s not there, and you’re not even aware it’s not there, you’ve FORGOTTEN. You can’t forget by giving ANY attention whatsoever.
    I’ve written more about your issue here: https://happy.guide/2012/02/06/am-i-gay/ and be sure to fully read the last link I gave you to get clear about how to run your brain.

    2. You should shrug it off, ignore it, not caring, and put attention somewhere else. You should not fear the thoughts, because fear guarantees repeats. You should not care, always.

    3. If you are totally clear about what to do, totally consistent, it will be fast, usually gone within days. Your mind gives you what you said was important by your ATTITUDE. So fear brings repeats, and you see it everywhere because THAT’S WHAT FEAR DOES.

    4. I don’t know enough about you or your situation to say. If you are at the point of letting go, if you are clear and consistent, then yes, it will go. Get crystal clear…. if you don’t want something on your mind, quickly distract from any thought about it with a don’t care attitude, WHENEVER it comes, tomorrow, a week, a year, WHENEVER. It DIES AWAY, but that doesn’t mean you will NEVER have a thought EVER again, you simply remain clear and consistent, that whatever comes, and whenever it comes you simply ignore it.

    WANTING A GUARANTEE is in itself, holding on to it, making it important. What you need to do is just be clear about what you will do, and then let it go, stop caring. Stop caring even whether a thought lingers. IF YOU FIGHT, you make it IMPORTANT and then you GROW it.

    Make sure you fully understand the 2 links I gave you, get really clear and then do it. To keep your mind off, you must mentally let it go and DO NOTHING about it at all, UNLESS a thought comes, then you ignore it. Anything else is attention.

    Once you are clear that it dies away, and eventually stops coming, you need to trust the process, and have that indifference that is needed, and keep attention off, just in the same way you would naturally do with anything you don’t care about… you simply see you’re not interested, and then naturally put attention elsewhere.


      1. In my experience, OCD is usually very easily cured. The difficulty is getting the sufferer to see clearly and commit 100% to the method. This usually involves showing the sufferer a bird’s-eye view of their problem so they see the dysfunction clearly and so reach the point of letting go. A good example is the article above… it took many hours of explaining the WHAT and WHY before he would commit to HOW. Once the commitment is there…. 2 days, OCD gone. A cure is easier if you go on faith and just do it, in other words, give up trying to unravel it yourself, and just follow the instructions 100%. Then, you let go of the need for explanations, just trust the clarity of someone else. THEN, trust is rewarded with EXPERIENCE, i.e. you see it working.


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