How did Happy Guide come about?

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One day at work something HIT ME like a ton of bricks. It was one of those pivotal moments we have in life. I was soldering — I was an electrical engineer and my head started swimming.

In only a couple of seconds I became disoriented and straight away was lost in a fog that was to last for 13 years…

I was scared; suddenly I couldn’t function, couldn’t focus and couldn’t do normal things like drive the car.

I shut MY WHOLE LIFE down. It was a knee-jerk reaction that was probably the wrong move but I didn’t know what else to do. I lost everything and I mean… EVERYTHING…

It was many years before a doctor even mentioned “M.E.” or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as they call it these days. Those 13 years were pretty much torture. It’s like having a permanent hang-over with flu as well. “Fatigue” just doesn’t cut it. It’s torture, hell. A living hell.

After spending years seeing one specialist after another, and with every specialist giving me a different diagnosis, I realized that medicine wasn’t going to, and could not help me.

Looking for answers

Enter phase two — the long and arduous search for the answers. God forbid you ever need to try to work it all out for yourself because the health industry is a minefield of misinformation, complexity, confusion and corruption.

Gradually, gradually gradually through the frustration, the need for sanity and simplicity dawned. Finally, through a series of “ah-has” the truth dawned… the amazing, simple and glorious truth…


We are a product of nature, our bodies are self-healing given the right circumstances and if we LOOK to nature, the answers are there. And they were.

What IS natural?

Enter phase three. What IS natural? The long search continued and there’s plenty of controversy here too. But search I did, and question and try and stumble and fall. And by applying what I learned I slowly, slowly started to feel better and better.

It’s been a hell of a journey and the madness of what I went through haunts me. The contrast of the two extreme states of my health fuels me with a passion you can only imagine. Because all of my suffering was POINTLESS, NEEDLESS and all that torture was the result of being born into an unconscious world — a world unconscious of the importance of nature, the importance of LIFESTYLE.

When I met my brother James (don’t ask :-) it seemed like we were destined to meet. Here’s me with my passion and there is James, a web developer looking for a simple focus… a subject with a passion to promote.

One day, after we’d started our journey, he said “Let’s do a mini-course, a free give-away to subscribers of our email list.”

Happy Guide is born

The mini-course went down a storm, so we tweaked and expanded it beyond what it had been, and Happy Guide was born. We collected feedback all the while, and improved and improved it to what it is today.

So… that’s my story in as brief a way as I can make it, and the birth of Happy Guide. I just don’t want anyone to suffer the misery that results from poor lifestyle… from decades of sub-optimal living that chips away at your health and happiness in the most insidious way.

So here’s to health, vitality, happiness, getting it right, and sharing the secrets!

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Michael Kinnaird is the author of Happy Guide, the result of a 20 year exploration into what works for health and happiness.

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3 thoughts on “How did Happy Guide come about?

  1. Hi, pleased to have found you! Have been suffering from some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome for a number of years now! Has seemed to have got worse over the years and any added stress makes it unbearable :(


  2. Wow its good to know the person who wrote the book has been through this, instead of just being taught at some university the way you need to treat people.


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