The elusive secret of happiness

Elusive secret of happiness
Elusive secret of happiness

A quick search on the internet reveals some confusion about what the secret of happiness actually is…

  • Keep changing something if you’re not happy, until you are (what exactly to change is missing information).
  • Make others believe they are the cause of it (!?)
  • Count your blessings while others are adding to their troubles.
  • Admire without desiring (!?)
  • Not to chase it. It’s like a butterfly so you must pay attention to other things and it will land on your shoulder (a smidgen of truth, but largely useless information).

These web results leave me dumbfounded! These aren’t the way to happiness, they’ll just confuse someone in genuine need of advice that works…

Given that the only thing we really want is happiness, this muddle of confusion won’t do…

Where to look for the secret to happiness?

Well… you could ask a happy person, or you could ask a thousand happy people, and quiz them all about it. Unfortunately they won’t know.

They will probably get you closer than the above “wisdom” because what will happen is they will tend to describe what it is LIKE to be happy… “I feel blessed, spontaneous, energetic, free, loving and I love to help people.” So they might deduce that the secret is “gratitude, spontaneity, energy, freedom, loving and giving.”

These are certainly some of the qualities of happiness but they are not the secret. That would be putting the cart before the horse. Happy people don’t get happy by doing these things. They ARE happy FIRST, and so they do these things naturally.

So how can we find it?

The answer is to ask someone who has CREATED happiness from misery — someone who’s been through hell. They will know! Ask someone who has done all the seeking, researching and experimenting; someone who’s already taken the journey you want to take. I AM that person and after over 20 years of research and experimentation, the secret of happiness is now crystal clear to me.

There’s only ONE master key

There’s only ONE underlying root cause, just one, and I’ve explained it in the very first chapter of Happy Guide. This ONE cause holds, contains and makes effective, all the other causes…

Go to home page and click on Free chapter

Scroll down to the Contents and click on “DISCOVER THE HAPPINESS SECRET” which will take you right to the beginning of the chapter.

Happy reading!

“Thanks for putting The Happiness Secret together. You have put it in a nutshell in a few short pages. Excellent!”
— Dr. Ed Dodge, USA

“Wow! What an incredible journey you have been on! Aren’t we all blessed that you decided to share your learnings with us and write your Happiness Secret. Thank you so much.”
— Rebecca, UK

Free chapter

Michael Kinnaird is the author of Happy Guide, the result of a 20 year exploration into what works for health and happiness.

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48 thoughts on “The elusive secret of happiness

  1. I googled how to stop unwanted thoughts (or something similar) and the article you have about unwanted thoughts came up. After reading it and seeing the link for the free chapter I read it. I thought it was great and in the right direction for me, so I purchased through the link at the end of the first chapter. Thanks for doing all you do.


  2. I feel so much better after reading the happiness secret. The advice given was so clear and easy to follow. I feel like my life is nearly back on track and getting better every day. Keep being positive and the advice given will work for you. Life does get better, but you hv to help yourself. Tk care and be positive. Sarah x


  3. Even though I have not finished the book yet, I am already a happier person, by knowing that there is a book that I can go to for tips and tricks of being a happier person. Thanks.


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