Chronic fatigue syndrome diet

I suffered the hell of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) for 13 years. After years on the medical merry-go-round, I finally realized I was on my own — I had to heal myself. You can read the overview of what worked for me here…

How to overcome ME/CFS

I think the BIGGEST thing for me that turned things around was getting the diet right. A very simple diet of human food only made a massive difference…

Breakfast: Fruit, nuts/seeds
Lunch and dinner: Fruit starter. Meat, fish, shellfish, poultry or eggs with vegetables and dressing/sauce, herbs

Some example meals

Breakfast: Bananas and pumpkin seeds
Lunch and dinner: Pears. Roast lamb, new potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, gravy, mint sauce.

: Kiwi, apple, cherry and pistachio salad
Lunch and dinner
: Plums. Salmon with sweet chilli sauce, sweet potato, salad leaves, grilled eggplant and beef tomato, fresh dill

Breakfast: Apples and walnuts
Lunch and dinner: Blueberry and lychee salad. Pork medallions with apple sauce, salad leaves, roast parsnips and butternut squash,  fresh oregano

Breakfast: Pineapple and pine nuts
Lunch and dinner: Mango. Baked cod parcels with tartare sauce,  salad leaves, spicy potato wedges, quick steamed peas and carrots, fresh parsley

Breakfast: Mandarins and almonds
Lunch and dinner: Cantaloupe. Spanish omelet with sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach

Breakfast: Cherimoya/custard apple and macadamia nuts
Lunch and dinner: Peaches. Roast beef, romaine, coleslaw, roasted yams with sage and red onion wedges

Breakfast: Black grapes and sunflower seeds
Lunch and dinner: Figs. Chicken tajine with onion, ginger, honey,  sweet potato, yellow bell  peppers and mange tout.

Breakfast: Papaya and pecans
Lunch and dinner: Watermelon. Shrimp/prawns, with butter lettuce, avocado, scallions, cherry tomatoes and black olives, Italian dressing, fresh basil.

Very simple and very tasty.

The great thing about this plan is that it’s a simple structure that you can use to throw together tasty and healthy food fast with WHATEVER you have in the fridge and fruit bowl. It’s just human food, and as I said, I think this is number one.

No waste whatsoever, and everything tastes fantastic and takes virtually NO TIME to make. You can also batch cook a big stew and freeze individual portions. Very easy, time and energy efficient, and tastes great.

Drink water! At least 2 liters a day — your urine should be straw colored. No caffeine!

Get into the habit of putting nuts and seeds in some filtered water before you go to bed. An overnight soaking makes them easier to digest and removes anti-nutrients.

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