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Wayne Dyer was talking about his friendship with Deepak Chopra in a talk he gave.

“Whenever I had a problem and would talk to Deepak about it, his answer was always the same — meditate…”

I’m paraphrasing but that’s very interesting I think. Whatever your problem, meditate.

If you’ve got a problem, really, the last thing you want to do is keep focusing on the problem. The solutions don’t come from focusing on the problem, they come from focusing on the solutions…

Anyway, this resonated with me because that’s similar to something I’ve been saying to myself for a long time — “the worse I feel, the more I meditate.” Whenever life starts to go bad… meditate MORE. If it’s GONE bad, do lots and lots of meditation.

This ties in with Einstein’s famous quote (I’m paraphrasing again)…

“You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Meditation makes you feel better and when you feel better, you see things differently. What’s the point in keep going over the problem in the same habitual way?

Meditation allows you to find your center. It’s a place where everything is always ok. It allows you to step out of habitual thought loops that keep you focused on the problem.

It’s a holiday from your problems.

If you get into a mediation habit instead of making your problems a habit, you’ll soon begin to feel sane again. Meditation will definitely be the sanest part of your day.

Habits allow you to make positive actions effortless. That is their power.

Whether the habit is a healthy breakfast, exercise or meditation, the positive habit will mean a massive difference to your health and happiness down the line.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, it just can’t happen without habit. I saw the Dalai Lama on TV the other day. Every day he wakes up, says his “life purpose” affirmation, showers and meditates. Every single day. Day-in, day-out. That’s a man who understands habit right there.

Habit is the one thing that’s even more important than meditation when it comes to solving your problems. Because your attention is power and when you regularly put your attention on the things you want to nurture, things happen.

Thirty minutes meditation will NOT change your life. But a thirty minute meditation habit will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine…

Habits are the way we work ANYWAY. It’s the way we’re wired. That will never change. So why not maximize your habit power?

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26 thoughts on “Meditation habit

  1. If you are focused curiously to see what thought will come, then you are not focused on any particular thought, and you are not lost in a thought stream. If a thought comes, then you are aware of it, when you focus back on listening for the next one, you have let the other one go.


    1. 1.We can do this listening like in the whole day for some moments when we feel like going wayward,falling into the thoughts,etc.?

      2.simple noticing without too much attempt is also listening and we can do that?Doubt because you said focus all your attention to waiting for the next thought to pop up.

      2.Yesterday I was waiting for next thought in between again and again whole day when I felt loosing or going wayward and able to feel good.

      But then while trying in the evening i caught a thought and I couldn’t recall any clear cut instruction in the listening method about what I should do of the thoughts that I get after waiting..I just tried to “let go” but then doubt there is no such thing in listening method.What needs to be done here?

      3.What i perceive is listening and letting go are two different things?But When you call listening and letting go interchangeably it confuses me.
      In my meditation practice that i follow in the end I understand generally and also guided by my father as “let go of thoughts without judgement” but I dont know is this what you say?you call it listening?again the two things confusing me.

      5.Should I be doing whatever feels helping?
      The problem is I have been stable but lack of proper instructions pull me back.I feel lack of proper guidance for getting established into stability.I gets a doubt about what to do as I got yesterday which makes it very difficult to come out.Even If I want to be there lack of clarity which in turn do not even let accept the present state achieved by following listening due to chaos regarding believing the half process creating more and more stress.I want to but get held back as I just
      can’t do and decide.

      Try to be more clear and precise mike thats what i percieve more readily else the thinking to figure out sucks me.


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