Dietary confusion

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There’s so much dietary confusion around these days. And a lot of people just give up…

“You can’t eat anything these days. Everything is bad for you apparently. One day potatoes are good, the next day bad. One day butter is good, the next, eat margarine…”

Two facts

  1. Nutritional science is comparatively young (i.e. they don’t know it all)
  2. The press loves a good story and controversy because it SELLS

The combination of the above facts is a recipe for confusion. Experts can see people are confused and so every expert decides to solve the problem by writing a book. This leads to more confusion because the nutrition experts don’t even agree on the fundamentals…

The most important factor in your diet

But I can tell you here and now that there’s ONE factor that’s overlooked when discussing nutrition — and it’s the most important factor. Understanding it can explain a lot of the confusion out there.

For example, why does the China Study suggest that animal foods are the root of all evil and yet tribal people all over the world with diets very high in animal foods are largely free of Western diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes — our BIG killers? That makes no sense except in the light of “the most important dietary factor.”

This is the big factor that if you get right, will have a dramatic influence on your health and longevity, as well as your moment-to-moment experience of life.

This is the BIG ONE…

Your diet needs to be alkali forming.

So what does that mean?

Well, all foods leave either an acid or an alkali (base) residue or “ash” in your body. It’s largely due to the mineral content of the food.

If you think about the Chinese, they have a diet based on grain, which is an acid-forming food. Add more acid forming stuff in the form of meat and sure enough, it’s going to show an increase of disease with even just a little bit of animal foods added in.

Think about tribal people. They eat lots of animal foods BUT they also tend to eat the alkali forming parts of the animal too. And also, they eat a huge amount of vegetation, so their overall diet is alkali forming…


What this means to you

You need to focus on fruits and vegetables because they are the alkali-forming foods. It’s pretty simple really.

You need a diet that has large amounts of fruits and vegetables in it. 5-a-day doesn’t cut it in my opinion. The longest-lived people on the planet (the elderly Okinawans) get around about 13 portions a day, if memory serves. That, and the fact that they have a cultural practice of hari hachi bu — eating until only 80% full, I think, accounts for their excellent longevity.

The problem is habits

People don’t seem to be relishing their fruits and vegetables. When I first started getting into nutrition many moons ago, I was a typical guy who struggled to eat one apple a day and ate only a few bits of veg with my evening meal.

Nowadays it’s a different story and although it wasn’t easy to change my tastes, now I absolutely love the way I eat. It’s about gradually changing your palette and that doesn’t happen overnight.

Help with diet and habits

If you need help then I’ve done it all for you. The Happy Guide diet solves the problems of eating well in the modern world. It has the most important factor covered, as well as all the other factors. And it will also show you how to personalize your diet, depending on your own personal beliefs and ethics.

The Happy Guide diet is also incredibly simple to do. You know — a cow eats grass and monkeys eat bananas.

Super-charge your health and get Happy Guide working for you. Not only does it cover all the bases, it’s simple to do and will get you into healthy habits — so you never have to suffer dietary confusion ever again…

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