Health warning signs

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This is an important one because small niggly symptoms are easily lived with. We can easily get used to them so that we don’t even notice them so much.

And then when they worsen that little bit, the difference is so slight that we easily live with that too. And so it goes on. It’s like a drip, drip damaging effect on your health.

But these little niggles are signs of a body in distress. They are a “warning light” — a sign that most often means your lifestyle is not maintaining your health.

Often I hear things like “He was perfectly OK before he had the heart attack.” The perception is that something just broke. But that is never the case. Health or disease is the result of decades of lifestyle “choices.”

So please, if you have aches and pains, start today to move towards the BEST lifestyle. Because the best chance of health and happiness is to live the best lifestyle.

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