The ripple effect of health and happiness

We all affect each other
© Thalita Carvalho

Have you ever been in a really great mood and then someone comes home in a very bad mood and brings the whole house down?

Our moods can be changed instantly by another…

Have you ever passed someone scary-looking in the street and suddenly your whole insides tense up? Your mood can change to FEAR in an instant because of another.

Everything affects everything else

The truth is that everything affects everything else. Your lifestyle and your habits affect your biochemistry, your mood, your health and your future. And your lifestyle also affects what OTHERS around you FEEL…

If you’re feeling fantastic, believe me, everyone around you will benefit.

Not only will you be spreading your love around, but you will be a shining example too.

People will notice you have energy to spare, love to give, always a smile on your face and they will start taking notice. They will want to know you, what you do and how you do it.

And these ripples will go around the whole world.

Ripple effect of happiness
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Good and bad ripples

For good or bad they go. We all know how a serious illness in the family can affect everyone for a very long time. It matters. It all matters a great deal.

What we are is largely the result of every single interaction we ever had and how that affected us. Even ONE small interaction can affect us deeply our whole lives — say an uncommon act of kindness that touches us very deeply.

We are individuals but we really act as ONE whole dynamic.

Would war even be possible if everyone was happy? Think about that for a little moment — would it?

If one can be happy… EVERY-one can be happy

And if one person can become happy then the whole world can become happy. And the happier we get, the happier we’ll get because everything affects everything else and everyone affects EVERY other ONE.

“No man is an island” as they say.

So it’s NOT JUST YOU who will benefit when you get happy and healthy. Your loved ones will feel the immediate force of good from you and the ripples will go on and on.

“I noticed as I got happier the people that I spend a lot of time around were happier and people in general seemed to enjoy my company more. Thank you guys again, I know I’ve said that dozens of times but… thank you.”
— Matt, USA

Imagine wonderfully happy parents raising three wonderfully happy kids. What is likely for THEIR kids? And theirs? And theirs? And what is the effect on everyone who comes into contact with this happy family?

Think deeply about the ripples and you’ll see it’s true.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
— Mother Teresa

Article updated 12 December 2014

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