Weight gain after retirement

Angelo asks…

“I have been gradually gaining weight since a little over a year ago when I retired from my job. At that time my doctor said I was borderline diabetic. Don’t know what to do to lose weight. Is it my age? Because I think I’m just as active as I was when I was working.”

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In your situation I would put myself on a strict diet. Not strict in the sense of difficult, strict in the sense of “the best food only.”

Happy Guide has all the solutions for you, explained in a very simple way.

There are 3 diet plans at different calorie levels and you simply pick one and stick to it…

There’s also plenty of help with the “stick to it” part… It’s a total solution and very simple.

A simple diet plan that’s easy to stick to…

It’s simple because ultimately, the healthiest lifestyle boils down to “actions.” Simple actions that can be taken. Really, all you need to know is what these actions are…

If possible, I would also contact my doctor and explain to him/her that I intend to make lifestyle changes and would like to monitor my bio-markers, to test the effectiveness of the changes at specific intervals.

Weigh in, start the Happy Guide diet plan and weigh in once a week. If you don’t lose weight then you KNOW there is another problem. Folks always worry about other issues but these other issues are very very rare. I’ve never seen anything other than predictable weight loss when calories are restricted.

Weight creeps on for various reasons. With you it seems likely that your retirement was the factor that caused you to be burning slightly fewer calories each day, and gain weight. With other factors remaining the same, the weight creeps on. Also, social occasions where we occasionally overeat (more common after retirement) are another reason for gradual weight gain.

To maintain weight, you need to slightly undereat in “normal life” to counter these occasions. And then there is muscle loss that occurs with ageing. Muscle burns calories so if you lose muscle, you need fewer calories.

“No-brainer” diet

The ONLY way to be in control is to know what you are DOING and the RESULT that is having. And the easiest way to do that is to design a diet structure so that every day is a no-brainer.

The first step is to read and digest Happy Guide. It’s an easy read, very human. Pick a plan and you’re up and running instantly.

Weight loss and the best diet, plus a good exercise program are the way to go. Work up to 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week — whatever you enjoy doing.

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