How do you measure success in life?

How do you measure success in life?
How do you measure success in life?

Are you happy? If the answer is YES, then you’re successful. Happiness is the only valid measure of success, because the reason people believe they need lots of money for example, is because they think it will make them happier.

Having lots of money is a nice thing — it means you don’t have to worry about money. But having a fatter wage check, a bigger house or a better car… these things alone won’t make you happy, not in the long run.

I’ve known millionaires who were desperately unhappy, despite having every possession they could ever want. Is that a successful life?

There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with having beautiful things or being rich. The point is whether we are seeking the material to fill an empty void within that can’t be filled with these things. That just doesn’t work.

So what are the causes of happiness?

  • Health
  • Peace of mind

When you have these in your life, you FEEL GOOD.

A “thing” only matters inasmuch as it moves you toward or away from happiness.

How do you get health and peace of mind?

By changing your inner state. And you do that by swapping your existing habits for ones that gradually move you toward health and peace of mind. You step, step, step until you’re there — at your happy and healthy finish line.

Then you’ll have all the energy, spirit and drive to do whatever you want with your life. But now you’ll always know how to be happy. So start measuring your success in happiness, not money or status.

This two minute video by Alan Watts sums it up perfectly…

“Thanks for getting me out of the cross roads. I now know that living is more important than having.”

— Dennis, UK

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