Design your weekly diet to optimize results

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© Mark Nye. Designing your weekly diet pays off massively for your long term health and happiness.

I do a lot of number crunching to ensure the Happy Guide diet advice is perfect. But because we are all different, have different health concerns and like different foods, I highly recommend designing your own diet on And you can use the Happy Guide diet structure as a template.  Continue reading “Design your weekly diet to optimize results”

Is fructose bad for you?

Rhona asks…

“I keep hearing lately that fructose is harmful and should be avoided. Does that mean that fruit is bad for you!!?”

© Craig

There’s no need to worry about fruit at all.

The problem is fructose in unnatural form, such as in coke. A 16 fl oz bottle of coke has roughly the same amount of fructose (29 g) as all my meals and snacks with a lot of fruit and veg.

The problem is that overweight people tend to have full glycogen stores and the liver’s primary way of disposing of fructose is to convert it to glycogen. So when fructose is ingested from coke (for example), you have a quadruple whammy — no primary disposal path, no fiber to slow down digestion, unnatural amounts in one go and no natural packaging that provides other vitamins/minerals.  Continue reading “Is fructose bad for you?”

How to lose weight easily

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© Mahmoud

With some very simple mindset ideas and a crystal clear plan, it IS possible to lose weight easily and keep it off for good. In this article, you’ll learn the simple and easy tools you need to make it happen for you.

I’ve never seen this approach fail — it always works when it’s carefully and faithfully applied.

The “BIG STUFF” of weight loss

You need to hit a calorie target consistently and easily every day (or most days — it’s what you do most of the time that matters).

This plan does NOT involve COUNTING calories, which I’ll explain later. The mega-important words there are consistently and easily, so here’s how you do it… Continue reading “How to lose weight easily”

Weight gain after retirement

Angelo asks…

“I have been gradually gaining weight since a little over a year ago when I retired from my job. At that time my doctor said I was borderline diabetic. Don’t know what to do to lose weight. Is it my age? Because I think I’m just as active as I was when I was working.”

© Mrd00dman

In your situation I would put myself on a strict diet. Not strict in the sense of difficult, strict in the sense of “the best food only.”

Happy Guide has all the solutions for you, explained in a very simple way.

There are 3 diet plans at different calorie levels and you simply pick one and stick to it… Continue reading “Weight gain after retirement”

How to reverse artery blockage

© Ollie Crafoord

March 7, 2010

This news demonstates the immense power of lifestyle…

[Press Association] Weight-loss diets can reverse life-threatening artery damage in obese individuals, a study has shown.

Low-carbohydrate “Atkins”-style diets, low fat and Mediterranean diets were equally effective, scientists found…

Tests showed that patients who went on the diets, lost moderate amounts of weight and lowered their blood pressure, developed healthier arteries.

Researchers used ultrasound to measure the wall volume and thickness of carotid arteries, which supply the brain with blood.

Thicker and heavier arteries indicated a build up of fatty deposits on the blood vessel walls, a condition known as atherosclerosis which is closely associated with heart attacks and strokes… Continue reading “How to reverse artery blockage”

Why most diet and health books don’t work

© Helga Weber

Do you have a shelf full of diet and health books that just didn’t work for you? So why don’t they work?

There’s more than one reason but here’s the big one:

Most health and weight loss books don’t address the ROOT CAUSE of chronic health and weight problems. And for that reason, they’re ineffective, they don’t work and so they’re a waste of your time and money.

How many weight loss books do you know for instance, that explain why you just can’t stop yourself eating ice-cream when you get home from work — or whatever your “bad thing” is… Continue reading “Why most diet and health books don’t work”

Weight loss with NO CARDIO? Yes, it DOES work!

© Jypsygen

If you’re overweight, perhaps lacking energy and suffering from low self-esteem, it can be a big ask to get the sneakers on and go jogging.

From that state of mind and body, following some of the weight loss plans out there can seem like climbing Everest.

In fact, my experience and the statistics tell the same story — it’s simply not going to work. So what to do? Continue reading “Weight loss with NO CARDIO? Yes, it DOES work!”