Why most diet and health books don’t work

© Helga Weber

Do you have a shelf full of diet and health books that just didn’t work for you? So why don’t they work?

There’s more than one reason but here’s the big one:

Most health and weight loss books don’t address the ROOT CAUSE of chronic health and weight problems. And for that reason, they’re ineffective, they don’t work and so they’re a waste of your time and money.

How many weight loss books do you know for instance, that explain why you just can’t stop yourself eating ice-cream when you get home from work — or whatever your “bad thing” is…

Is it enough to say “Don’t eat ice-cream?” No, it certainly is NOT enough.
Is it enough to say “Exercise for thirty minutes a day?” Again, no it’s not.
Is it enough to say “Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day?” Sadly, no…

“What to do” is the easiest part really. If I asked you “What’s the very next step you need to take to improve your health and happiness?” or “What is a healthy lifestyle?” I’m betting you could give me a very good answer. No, the true problem is not WHAT to do, but HOW.

And to get to really know HOW, you’ll need to understand the fundamental driving force behind why it’s so hard to change…

“The subtle and powerful force of habit”

It’s not too hard to understand the truth about habits, but make no mistake — habits are tricky. A guide is invaluable if you want to change your behavior.

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