Can dehydration cause dizziness?

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I just got back from taking my father to the doctor.

He’s in his later years now and unfortunately hasn’t lived the healthiest of lifestyles.

Amongst other things, he’s been having trouble with his hearing and dizziness. A few specialists later and no-one seems any the wiser…

His doctor today recommended he try a new clinic that was setup for people with “non-specific” complaints. The doctor told me this new clinic is causing a bit of a stir…

Because they’re having a lot of success treating people who are suffering from dizziness in various forms. And they’re using a remarkable new approach. They’re…

… giving people water

Yes indeed, many of the patients referred there were simply suffering from dehydration. Once they made drinking some water into a daily habit, their symptoms fell away… Hard to believe?


Most of us are dehydrated. No question. And that has a huge impact on how we feel, every day.

Can dehydration cause dizziness? You bet! But if you visit your doctor with dizziness, there’s every chance they’ll hand you a prescription for dizziness pills, with little pause for thought.


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One thought on “Can dehydration cause dizziness?

  1. This is a wonderful example of how simple lifestyle changes can have such a big difference.

    And with a bit of imagination, it’s possible to see how getting EVERYTHING right — sleep, diet, exercise, relaxation — consistently, can have such a profound effect on every aspect of the experience of life, health and happiness.

    I find the “madness” as you call it very frustrating. What seems to me common sense is largely ignored or even actively subverted by the powers that be.

    The idea of “holistic” medicine has been around for eons but isn’t practised. We are SO far away from that reality, as a society. In my experience and opinion, “madness” is a good word for a lot of what is currently happening.

    The ONLY TRUE CURE is to correct the CAUSE of illness, and that, nine times of out ten is years, decades of sub-optimal lifestyle.

    This a great development but sadly, a drop of sanity in the ocean of madness. And even this isn’t holistic, it’s still “pill for an ill” thinking, even though the “pill” in this case is water.


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