Self mastery

© Alex Berger
© Alex Berger

Focus on what you’re doing with a quiet mind — always.

This makes EVERYTHING a meditation and this one thing alone will transform your life for the better…

You will begin to trust that the right thoughts will come at the right time and by being expansive, aware and OPEN in this way, you actually ALLOW the right thoughts to come at the right time.

You are always choosing with your ATTENTION, whether that is to external or internal things. And what you pay attention to will grow… like watering seeds.

This being true, the main thing is to be able to DIRECT your attention where you want it. That is self mastery in a nutshell.

So… when a thought comes, shine that light of awareness onto it, then decide if it represents who you want to be. For unwanted thoughts, indifference, “no importance” is the way to go.

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8 thoughts on “Self mastery

  1. Respected Dear Mr Michael Kinnaird.Hello. i am finding now it difficult how to overcome ready made negative thoughts which at attention level making few flashback gives me misery to upkeep momentum of peace within all the is climex state not to catch up holly besides doing yet unable to get break through properly but in the no state of mind.Thanking You. Best Wishes imtiyaz khan


    1. Hi Imtiyaz, the answer is always everything. The listening method is one aspect, living in the moment, receptive to thoughts that pop, awareness. But have you tidied your soul, are you eating only human foods, getting enough sleep, are you organized so that your sense of control is high and background fear volume is low, is your diet providing an optimal hormonal environment so your body isn’t stressed? It all matters. Please stick to the book Imtiyaz, it’s all in there.


  2. Hi helpaieee, yes, you can practice no-mind and flow at different times, and you don’t need to have mastered the listening method to practice focus on what you are doing. Perhaps it can be worded better in the book, but the reason it is written as a progression is that unless you can make your mind quiet, when there is no distraction or activity, then it’s unlikely you will be able to in normal life.

    But yes you are right, we have to do things, so please do practice focusing on what you’re doing. Make everything meditation.The aim is to do both simultaneously; focusing on what you’re doing while being aware of thoughts that pop. And choiceful thinking is automatic in that state. So is not believing every thought is “you” thinking, whereas without that separation, there is identification with thoughts and that can be a very painful situation.


  3. Hi mike.I have some confusion.

    1.I am trying listening method i.e focussing for the next thought to pop up.What should I do after listening to next thought?let it go? or keep focussing again?

    2.I read in happy guide these lines “First we relearn to get back to “no-mind,” then we can relearn
    how to flow”.and also these “Once you’re able to still your thoughts, you can begin to
    practice paying full attention to what you’re doing right here and now.”
    Is it necessary to do these one after another.Cant I try listening at times in a day and may not feel to master it but also try to focus while doing something ?We are doing something through out the day,so what else we can do if not flow when in mastering listening period?Is it like First listening mastery and then the flow as written?I feel sane after listening but then what to do when doing something?We cant be in listening state all the time.Cant I do both at different different times in a day.I think I am unneccesrily confused here.My gut feeling says “I should do both” and dont involve much in this confusion as well. :P


  4. Hi Imtiyaz,

    You can think of awareness (using the listening method) as Being Whole. So, in that state, you are whole-minded, although empty of thoughts.

    There is no need at all to think positive thoughts deliberately rather than stay clear minded. BUT, in a clear-minded state, you may become inspired, and so naturally, you follow with action spontaneously. Also, when you are doing your daily tasks, sometimes thinking is needed, but I find that if I simply be clear-minded, the natural creative flow happens on its own, by just paying attention to whatever is in front of me… such as your question… very much the same as when you talk to someone… if they ask a question, you are not consciously creating the answer, but an answer comes from your unconscious mind, which you review consciously as a thought-form not in words as it flows through you.

    So, in the same way, if you have a project that you are excited about, then you can ponder the details of it, and the whole mind can give inspiration along those lines. “Pondering” is a nice, healthy way to move into new thoughts about something, relaxed attention, lots of no-mind.

    The idea generally is NOT to fill your skull with positivity, the natural state is positive… love and bliss are the nature of your being. Clear-mindedness allows that to shine through, as it does with children more often, which is why we say babies are “bundles of joy.”

    So, the clear-minded state is the healthy natural state, and then, you may choose to think on purpose, but there is no need to try to be positive, positivity is your nature… just allow it to shine through. If a negative thought comes, shine the light of awareness onto it, see… it is “not me,” it is just a thought. From that space, the lie is often revealed, you simply see it is a kind of madness, not true, a reflection of old energy.

    In short: Stay rooted in awareness (in being), think on purpose.


  5. Mr.Micheal Kinnaird-Hello-while reading your chapter on meditation, suggested either not to think or think on positive thoughts instead of when we stay on listening it is more beneficial.Not to think ? is it no state of mind as without thinking then were thoughts to penetrate.Please more on the issue.The explanatory notes on different topics are incredible.
    Best wishes,
    Imtiyaz Khan


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