A cure for all ills

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Is there really a cure for all ills? Let me tell you a quick story…

Today, I received a short email from a lady asking me how I healed from 13 years of M.E. (CFS). She said she had it herself and naturally, wanted to get better…

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe James and I had gone in completely the wrong direction, in writing an all-encompassing book called Happy Guide. I thought maybe we should have focused specifically on “How to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.”

So crisis! For a moment it was massive…

But James reminded me that the message we have is bigger than one specific problem, and can help people to overcome all sorts of problems.

He was right… I just needed reminding in that little moment of crisis.

The reason is that it’s always your body that does the healing and what’s needed, in general, is to provide the conditions in which to allow that to happen.

Anyone got a VERY big piece of paper?

People put so much faith in science. But science isn’t even beginning to understand the incredible complexity with which your amazing body maintains its balance.

When the flowchart is finally mapped out, showing all those connections between hormones, chemical and electrical messages and how that interacts with your DNA, food, environmental factors and so-on, it will need to be on a piece of paper the size of the United States!

Our job, YOUR job is simply to check those health boxes every day, so that your body can function properly.

It’s all ONE cause

The truth is that what will heal chronic fatigue syndrome will heal arthritis, depression and obesity to name but three. It’s all one cause.

Our mindset is that “something suddenly went wrong” but in reality, your body can no longer maintain its balance because of years, decades, of not checking enough health boxes…

Checking health boxes day-in-day-out means getting habit power on your side. Your natural tendency to create habits means this can not only become effortless, but has the power to create health and happiness on a level you may not have experienced since you were a child.

I suffered a living hell — and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. That’s why I’ve spent the last twenty years passionately piecing together the “health and happiness” puzzle, and making it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

As a result, I believe Happy Guide is as close to a cure for all ills as you can get.

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2 thoughts on “A cure for all ills

  1. I stumbled upon this post by accident…but I recognize myself so much in it, I just had to respond. I’ve been diagnosed with CFS three years ago and I’m feeling close to feeling ‘healthy’ again. But more importantly…I see how connected the mind and body are, and Ive never been happier. Thank you for the reminder :)


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